REX3 F-GE, the Stage V specialist

The Rex3 F-GE Series is the range of specialised tractors for vineyards and orchards now powered by Stage V. It features innovative technological solutions and a hood with a new look, a restyling that made the specialised Landini a candidate for the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the "Best of Specialised” category. The winning features of the new Rex3 F Series are its compact dimensions: wheelbase 1,950 mm; minimum ground clearance 213 mm; external width from 1,350 mm to 1,617 mm; minimum height of the steering wheel from the ground on the platform version 1,256 mm and weight without ballast 2,200 kg, making it the ideal range for use in vineyards/orchards, greenhouses and for vegetables.

Handling, versatility and ease of use


2,5 / 4


68 75


Mechanical with standard creeper

With a wheelbase of 1950 mm, a weight of 2100 kg and maximum lift capacity of 2700 kg at the rear, this tractor range is ideally suited for vineyards, vegetable growing, pruning and greenhouse operations. Thanks to its compact size, its reduced ground clearance and a height to steering wheel of just 1256 mm, the REX3 F-GE moves easily between tight rows and under low-hanging crops. Developed by Argo Tractors, the transmission of the REX3 F-GE offers 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds and come standard with a steering-column synchro shuttle and a creeper. The hydraulic system features a double pump that supplies 28 l/min to the steering system and 50 l/min to the hitch and up to three mechanically-operated remote valves. The REX3 F-GE is available either in ROPS configuration or with low-profile cab.

Available in a platform version and also with low-profile cab

One of the advantages of the Rex3 F-GE is the possibility of installing a Low-Profile cab that has a monocoque structure, 1.16 m wide at the base that drops to 0.86 m at the roof, with an overall height from the ground of at least 1.87 m. Best in Class in the category of conventional tractors, this version of the cab guarantees maximum respect for foliage in crops with a low crown, while maintaining a high level of comfort for the operator. This last factor becomes evident when looking at the wide door opening for easier accessibility to the cab, the tilting steering wheel, the multifunction dashboard, the absence of levers on the central tunnel, the air conditioning circuit and the optional rear camera. Finally, the Low-Profile cab offers maximum visibility in all directions, even for lateral operations, working on slopes and in the greenhouse, maximising the possibilities of use for this range of tractors.

Kohler Engine

The Rex3 F-GE line-up includes two models with the new 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 2.5-litre Kohler engines with 68 and 75 hp, with torque reserves of 45% and 32% respectively. Maintaining the considerable compactness of Kohler systems, the new engines are equipped with DOC systems without regeneration, therefore without affecting the productivity and efficiency of the machine in any way. Engine RPM management is provided by the Engine Memo Switch that allows you to store and quickly recall settings when passing from one activity to another. Full operational autonomy throughout the day is ensured by the 50-litre diesel tank.

REX3-070 F-GEREX3-080 F-GE
Maximum ISO RATING hp/kW68/4875/55
Max Torque  NM271300
Displacement/No. Of Cylinders cm³2500/ 4 TA2500/ 4 TA

Transmission made by Argo Tractors

The transmission built by Argo Tractors operates via a mechanical reverse shuttle with steering wheel control and has 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with a range of 0.4 to 40 km/h with creeper.

Hydraulic circuit

Designed for professional use, the hydraulic equipment delivers 30 litres/min for steering and 50 litres/min for spool valves, up to 3 with the possibility to bring one outlet also at the front, in addition to supporting the rear hydraulic hitch featuring mechanical control and ELS (Ergonomic Lift System), with anti-dumping system and a capacity as high as 2,700 kg.


REX3-070 F-GEREX3-080 F-GE
Lenght 4WD mm36523652
Min Width mm13581358
Min height over low profile cab mm18751875
Min height over rops mm22142214
Min Ground Clearance mm186186
Min Front Track 4WD mm11351135
Min Rear Track 4WD mm10641064
Weight 4WD in running order without weights (Cab) Kg2200 (2500)2200 (2500)


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