Table of contents:

      1. An essential tool
      2. Landini front loaders: capable to surprise you
      3. End implements for maximum multi-functionality

An essential tool

The front loader is probably the most important accessory to be fitted to a tractor in order to take full advantage of its versatility. Over time, technical progress has triggered the front loader’s evolution in structure and functions, especially improving the automation and safety of load management. One of these, which is particularly useful and studied in detail, is represented by parallelism in the lifting and lowering phases. Thanks to the front loader, the tractor turns into a true bulk and packaged material handling means, which is extremely useful for farms and specific production chains, such as the fodder industry. When selecting and mounting a front loader, correct, safe and efficient attachment to the machine body is paramount. In fact, the accessory must constantly bear its own weight (an imposing and massive structure), the end implements connected to it and the loads to be handled.   That is the reason why Landini designs them in detail.    

Landini front loaders: capable to surprise you

The new loaders by Landini have been extended to 6 series (with 1,000mm, 1,100mm and 1,200mm wheelbases), thus covering the entire range of tractors, from the 47 hp of Mistral2 to the 240 hp of Serie 7, as well as the tracked Trekker4 models. This perfect compatibility makes Landini loaders excellent working partners in agriculture and forestry as well as for municipalities (green maintenance and snowplough service). There are many advantages to choosing Landini front loaders:

  • excellent bucket (mechanical or hydraulic) self-levelling (less fatigue and less stress for the operator)
  • higher load capacity
  • excellent reach in height

A wide range of accessories is also available to meet different customer requirements: additional hydraulic lines – quick release systems for the hydraulic connections on the driver’s seat and the end implement side. A refined, adjustable load suspension system consisting of a cylinder preloaded with nitrogen gas. Furthermore, the aesthetics are not left to chance: the Blue Iconpaintwork is top notch and will not be damaged by bad weather, nor will it wear off in the field. In addition, for those who did not purchase the loader together with the tractor, but wish to do so at a later date, the packaging and shipping are handled with great care. Finally, Landini offers a wide range of end implements for loaders such as: lightweight, multi-material and earth buckets; round-bale and log grabs; manure, round-bale and pallet forks.  


End implements for maximum multi-functionality

Various accessories ensure the connection with different types of end implements, also allowing upgrades after the purchase of the loader. Out of the several implements complementing the loader, the bucket is perhaps the most popular. It is made of a very resistant type of steel which, combined with its robustness and specific conformation, makes it an indestructible tool. When talking about the bucket, special attention must be paid to the ‘cutting edge‘, i.e. the bottom edge, which must always be precisely maintained and managed to resist wear and tear. The cutting edge is made of a high-strength material specifically for loading and unloading bulk products. It can also be fitted with ripper teeth for digging and levelling work. Other important end implements are the so-called ‘gripping devices‘ designed to load, grab and hold both bulk and packaged materials during transport. The most famous examples are clamshell buckets and buckets with fork or gripper, forks with grapple, cutters for sectioning silage bales and buckets with grapple, for bulky materials. Thanks to Landini’s range and timely support for maintenance and operation, you can choose the front loader and end implement best suited to your needs.  

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