First outing for Landini tractors at the Midlands Machinery Show with Clover Farm Services

Clover Farm Services demo duo – the range-topping 206/225hp Landini 7-230 Robo-Six on bale carting duties with the 119hp 6-125H and Landini MClassic 100 loader.

Landini tractors will be exhibited at the Midlands Machinery Show for the first time following the appointment of Clover Farm Services as a main dealer for the Italian marque.

Dwayn Clover, who heads the machinery sales and service business based at Swineshead south of Boston, will use the event to launch the new Landini venture, along with new franchises for Faresin telescopic handlers and Alpego tillage equipment.

“We’re a regular exhibitor at the Midlands Machinery Show, it’s an event that works for us,” says Mr Clover. “But this is a very special year as we launch our new association with Landini and the new equipment franchises.”

Dwayn Clover: “The Midlands Machinery Show has always worked for us but this year’s event will be special as we launch our association with Landini tractors and our new equipment franchises.”

Clover Farm Services is the first dealer in Lincolnshire to handle the Landini range, which traditionally has catered mainly for livestock farms with a selection of ‘bullet proof’ tractors from 90-120hp that meet demand for a relatively simple but versatile power unit for a mixed loader and field-work working routine.

But in recent years, the range has expanded to include more powerful, more sophisticated and fully-equipped tractors catering for larger grassland farms and arable units.

“There’s no question in my mind that these tractors are as good as anything else out there,” says Dwayn Clover.

“If you want something that’s still relatively simple for vegetable work, then the Landini range still offers that; but equally, farmers and contractors wanting more features, including multi-speed powershift and CVT transmissions, can have that too.

“That’s why we’re running a top-of-the-range Landini 7-230 Robo-Six as a demonstrator – 206hp for draft work, 225hp for pto and hauling; a 30-speed transmission with six manual or auto powershift steps; independent wheel suspension up front and as comfortable a cab as you’d want.”

Clover Farm Services is also running a couple of smaller models as demonstrators and in addition to the 7-230 Robo-Six will have 43hp to 126hp Landini tractors on their Midlands Machinery Show stand at Newark on November 20/21.

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