Table of contents:

      1. Row care in extreme weather conditions.
      2. Which fruits to plant in drought conditions?
      3. REX4: Landini’s answer to drought-stricken fruit farming

Row care in extreme weather conditions.

  Although too many people still think it is a myth, climate change is a phenomenon that is plain for all to see, as are its consequences. The main effect is rising temperatures globally, not to mention major changes in terms of seasonal dynamics and weather events. The process of tropicalisation of the climate leads to the increasingly frequent occurrence of long periods of drought alternating with seasons of strong winds, tornadoes, hailstorms and violent rains. All these factors lead to environmental as well as agronomic problems.   Specifically in terms of fruit growing, an area in which Landini tractors are leading players, one of the main problems is the increasingly mild winters. The consequences of this, in hot areas such as the Mediterranean, are that many crops suffer intensely. Examples include the apricot and kiwi. However, in the rest of Europe the winters have even more hours of cold and drought can be less of a problem for crops such as table grapes.   How to choose what to plant when considering the issue of drought? How can Landini tractors help with fruit growing?


Which fruits to plant in drought conditions?

  As we have already mentioned, the vine is a plant that is more resistant to hot weather and so are gooseberries. However, in the world of small fruits, the currant proves to be more resistant. Plants such as the olive tree or again the vine have particularly developed roots and are able to draw water from deeper layers. In addition to these two important tree crops, we can also include the almond, fig, carob, prickly pear and jujube, among the fruits best suited to dry periods. The carob in particular is an interesting fruit, which is now almost forgotten despite its environmental importance. It is an inexpensive plant that requires few agricultural inputs, water included, and the commercial products that can be derived from it are numerous. 

REX4: Landini’s answer to drought-stricken fruit farming

When it comes to moving between rows, whether among vines or other fruit trees, the ideal machine should be agile, compact but still professional. Landini responds to these demands with the REX4 range. A flagship machine among row crop specialists, the Landini REX4 Plat (F, GE, GB and GT versions) is available with a platform or with a low-profile, high-visibility cab. The REX4 Plat is operator-friendly, featuring an innovative design that combines style and functionality. The rounded fenders allow agile work under the branches in the rows and a spacious, comfortable and safe driving position ensuring exceptional all-round visibility, thereby maximising productivity. The REX4 GB (Gran Basso) is ideal for moving between row-crops in tunnels, in greenhouses or with low hanging foliage, like currant plantations. Its advantages include: the lowest driver’s seat in its class; steering wheel and backrest below the bonnet line, with a steering wheel height of just 1,280 mm; bonnet lowered further for the 4-080 models.

Climate change is a reality we have to live with, as well as changing our habits and taking the issue seriously. Drought is causing increasing damage and in agriculture it is essential to find alternatives so as to limit the consequences as much as possible. In fruit-growing, Landini innovation has come to our rescue and thanks to Argo Tractors, professionals can choose from quality tractor models specially designed for inter-row cultivation.

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