Landini enters the world of Farming Simulator 22

Landini stars in the world of Farming Simulator 22. Tractors from the historic Italian brand of Argo Tractors based in Fabbrico, in the Emilia Motor Valley, can be selected within GIANTS Software‘s best-selling simulation video game.

There are now two new options available for virtual farmers in order to take care of their crops and complete farming, livestock and forestry operations: the specialised Landini REX4 GT in the category “small tractors”, and the powerful Serie 7 Robo-Six in the category “medium tractors”.

In Farming Simulator, as in the real world, the operator’s needs will determine the user’s choice: among the specialised tractors, Landini REX4 GT stands out for its excellent manoeuvrability and efficiency, while Landini Serie 7 Robo-Six is designed for modern farms and demanding contractors.

With the addition of technical improvements and new features, Farming Simulator 22 offers the most comprehensive and realistic farming simulation ever developed. These include production chains, seasonal cycles, Precision Farming components, and the ability to play with multiple players from different gaming platforms through the Crossplay feature. All this simulates behaviour more closely to reality and offers a greater degree of customisation.

The family-friendly game simulates all the activities a farmer or breeder must perform to grow their farms, beginning with the steps of purchasing machines and configuring them according to their needs. This program recreates environments from the Midwest region of the United States, southern France, and the Alpine region of Europe. New tractor models and tools, as well as new game features and locations, are constantly being added to the game.

In these areas, you can build your own farm as well as cultivate a wide variety of crops, or raise a variety of livestock, such as cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chicken and bees. Gamers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and almost unlimited freedom in the huge open-world areas, where you can even farm land as a contractor.

Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director of Argo Tractors, emphasises:

“Through the collaboration established with GIANTS Software, we will be able to highlight, also in virtual reality, the qualities of our tractors. As a result of Landini’s entry into farming simulation, we are expanding our services by providing activities that not only bring us together with enthusiasts from around the world, but also serve as important showcases for demonstrating our products’ style and performance, as well as interacting with a highly attentive and demanding audience”.

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