Landini V-Shift is a new 114-140hp CVT tractor in Ireland

The Landini 6-145C V-Shift with CVT stepless transmission

The new Landini 6C Series V-Shift tractors come with load sensing hydraulics and options of 50kph gearing, independent front axle suspension and cab suspension.

A new Landini V-Shift tractor that brings all the control, efficiency and driver comfort benefits of a stepless CVT transmission lower down the horsepower scale will make its first appearance in Ireland at the National Ploughing Championships ( in September.

The Landini 6-145C LS V-Shift is a variant of the popular 6C Series, previously only available with semi-powershift transmissions; the new V-Shift transmission provides ultimate driving ease in the yard with a loader, in the field with an implement or on the road with a trailer, spreader or tanker.

Landini sales director Ben Agar says: “This is a very advanced transmission in terms of its capabilities and the benefits it offers over a powershift but it’s also quite simple and provides a driving experience that operators say is much easier and more comfortable while enabling them to get the most out of the machine.”

The 6C Landini V-Shift is powered by a 4.5-litre Euro Stage IV engine from FPT Industrial (successor to the Iveco engines business) with power outputs of 114hp, 121hp and 130hp for cultivations, ploughing and other types of draft work.

Dual Power automatically engages when using mobile pto-driven equipment and when travelling on the road to boost those outputs to 121hp, 133hp and 140hp.

The V-Shift transmission, designed, engineered and assembled by Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors at its extensive factory complex in northern Italy, provides control and comfort benefits in all three scenarios.

“Principle among these is infinitely variable ground speed control,” notes Will Doyle, Landini sales manager in Ireland. “The ability to precisely match ground speed to the task and working conditions results in optimum productivity, as well as optimum quality when it comes to operations such as stone and clod separation for potato seedbeds.”

Argo Tractors V-Shift transmission

The advanced but simple Landini V-Shift transmission designed and manufactured by Argo Tractors combines mechanical and hydrostatic elements to provide stepless speed control.

Work quality also benefits with pto-driven implements because of the control system’s ability to maintain consistent engine and power take-off shaft speed by automatically adjusting the transmission ratio to compensate for inclines or when moving from tougher areas of soil when using a power harrow or tiller.

“On the road, driving a 6C Series Landini V-Shift tractor is as easy as driving an automatic car,” Will Doyle points out. “Simply engage ‘forwards’ using the shuttle and use the accelerator pedal to regulate your speed.

“The engine/transmission control electronics take care of the rest and once at a comfortable cruising speed will automatically spool up the transmission ratio while bringing the revs down to use less fuel and give the operator a quieter ride while concentrating solely on steering and the road conditions ahead.”

V-Shift versions of the Landini 6-145C come to ‘LS’ spec as standard, which means they get load-sensing variable output hydraulics with up to 110-litre/min from the pump.

Thanks to a dedicated gear pump for steering and auxiliaries such as the four-wheel drive and pto clutch packs, the main pump’s entire flow is available to the 5400kg rear linkage and optional 2500kg front linkage, and to the spool valves.

Mechanical valves are standard but electronic versions can be specified with timing and flow adjustments made through the touch-screen display that is also used to select different transmission modes and settings.

Landini 6C V-Shift cab inside

Inside the light and airy cab of the Landini 6C Series V-Shift tractors; the touch screen display is used to set-up transmission functions and electronic spool valves when fitted.

Cab and front axle suspension is available on 40kph versions of the Landini 6C V-Shift tractors and installed as standard with the 50kph gearing option together with oil-immersed disc brakes in the front axle.

The highly-effective suspension front axle has wishbone mountings for each wheel to allow independent movement for maximum traction on a rough surface and ultimate comfort in all situations.

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