Table of contents:

      1. Row care: why weeding and spading are important
      2. Landini and the care of vine rows: Mistral2 is the right model to choose

Row care: why weeding and spading are important

  The production method of wine is crucial in countries where this plays an important role in cultivation, consumption, and exports. Consequently, vine cultivation requires year-round maintenance.   Inter-row space must be carefully maintained in order to make the various operations easier and keep the soil healthy. In order to achieve this, it is essential to manage weed control through mechanical weeding and ensure optimal vegetative-productive balance with mechanical spading operations.   Usually, around March, inter-row spading operations begin, with the aim of loosening the ploughed soil. In this way, it heats up and ventilates, providing suitable conditions for vine regeneration.   Furthermore, this operation conserves water resources and ensures a good circulation of air and water.   Regarding the first layers of soil, weed control is conducted and surface roots of vines are removed, i.e. inter-row weeding. By doing so, the plants develop a deeper root system and are able to tolerate drought periods and absorb nutrients from the soil more effectively.   However, such tillage may also contribute to soil erosion, degradation of organic matter and the formation of a sole (impermeable layer) under the first layers of soil. As a result, it is important to avoid overexerting these operations and to select machines that do not adversely affect the soil.   How can you achieve this? By choosing Landini tractors!


Landini and the care of vine rows: Mistral2 is the right model to choose

  The new Mistral2 is a Landini tractor model fitted with a Kohler engine with Stage V emissions. This innovation is the result of the efforts of the professionals at Argo Tractors. The height of the bonnet from the ground has remained unchanged compared to the previous Serie2 model, while the exhaust pipe has been positioned to the side, ensuring excellent visibility for the operator. Mistral2 is therefore the ideal partner for specialised inter-row farming.   Compactness is the tractor’s greatest advantage, whether it is configured with a Standard cab or a GE (Ground Effect) low platform.   Its compact dimensions make it agile and precise when moving between rows as well as easy to manoeuvre. As a result, weeding and spading operations are performed with a minimal impact on the soil and vines.   The FOPS cab is mounted on silent blocks, which provide acoustic isolation and vibration dampening..   The 1.9-litre, 3-cylinder, turbo aftercooled Kohler engine achieves a maximum output of 49 and 57 horsepower (ISO), with maximum torques of 180 and 200 Nm already available at 1200 rpm. Furthermore, thanks to the Engine Memo Switch button it allows the operator to save engine rpm and to quickly retrieve them with a practical button on the right-hand console.

Even for delicate inter-row operations, Landini‘s innovation and Argo Tractors‘ attention to the operator’s needs guarantee quality products.

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