Table of contents:

      1. Digital innovation to improve your work
      2. Landini technology for sustainability
      3. Make your work more efficient and precise with Landini PSM
      4. Landini Farm: the agronomy app

Digital innovation to improve your work

With the aim of offering you a more efficient and innovative way of managing your tractor fleet, your farm and your work in general, Landini has for some time invested in the development of original and effective digital solutions. Agriculture 4.0 and the digitalisation of processes is not the future, but a fast-moving current reality. Thanks to innovations in agriculture, it is possible to improve working conditions, increase productivity and protect the environment by reducing consumption and waste. Landini’s digital solutions bring together a range of state-of-the-art features, designed with the challenges faced by modern farmers in mind, to match their needs as closely as possible and meet them with precision. Discover:

  • My Landini (a single app for easy access to each of the digital solutions)
  • Farm Management (prescription maps, agronomic information and simplified farm management)
  • Telemetry and Remote Diagnostics (Fleet & Remote Diagnostics Management data analysis, tractor parameter control and remote diagnostics)
  • Agrirouter (Cloud Data for integrated communication between all services)
  • Precision Farming (ISObus and PSM ensure intelligent implement-tractor dialogue and satellite-assisted guidance)



Landini technology for sustainability

How can digital innovations actually help the environment? Let us look at some examples. The integration of technology and IoT into our vehicles is becoming more and more common, and one example is the new My Landini app. Thanks to this ally, you will have all Landini’s digital solutions integrated in a single environment and be able to make the most of them to optimise your work as well as reduce the consumption of your tractor. Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostics Management is a telematics system that monitors the activities of the tractor fleet in order to make it more efficient and maximise its performance. Position tracking, communication and analysis of parameters (speed, engine revs, fuel consumption, etc.), calculation of productivity and performance, diagnostics to identify and resolve any critical issues, are just some of the many functions at your disposal. Landini Efficiency Plan is the service to keep control of the preventive maintenance your tractor needs to keep it running efficiently every day. At each maintenance interval the My Landini app will remind you which checks need to be carried out and the necessary spare parts. In this way, you can rely on an efficient vehicle at all times and reduce consumption.  

Make your work more efficient and precise with Landini PSM

There is no more room for waste and inefficiency in agriculture today. Precision is a very important asset that can make a big difference in the quality of work, which is why Landini has chosen an innovative system to ensure you always get the best results. Precision Steering Management is a system of integrated satellite-assisted guidance devices that you can manage from the comfort of the touch-screen monitor in your cab. Landini PSM gives you automatic steering control so you can do field work with a maximum deviation, over 100 linear metres, of just 2 cm from the set course. With this and many other features, you can save time, reduce operating costs, greatly increase your work output, all while protecting the environment.

Landini Farm: the agronomy app

The management of a farm is a very complex business, which requires being in control of many different functions and participants at all times. That is why we came up with a digital solution that saves you time, simplifies your work and maximises performance levels. Thanks to the collaboration with xFarm Technologies, Landini Farm was created, an App that supports more than 400 different crops and allows every area of the farm to be governed: crop management; tracking and scheduling of field activities; advice on crop protection and irrigation; creation and exchange of prescription maps, with cost control and sustainability monitoring; export of documents; connection with the tractor, field sensors and activity log.

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