Landini shines at FIMA 2020

The next edition of FIMA will be an ideal moment to learn about latest releases from Landini. Above all it will be an opportunity to get to know in detail the new REX4, the king of specialist tractor.

The next edition of the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery (FIMA) from 25 to 29 February in Zaragoza (Spain) will once again be the stage where Landini will showcase the performance of its tractors. The stand will be a must for those professionals who want to know the wide range of the brand’s equipment and, above all, to be informed about the most advanced technology in tractors which are specially designed and created to work in special crops.

The tractor series will be ranging from the 44hp of Series 2 to the 120hp of Series 6H. Needless to say, the brand’s equal-sized wheels models, the versatile Series 5, and the cutting-edge and benchmark in special crops tractors, the REX4, will be there too.

Landini’s stand will have a large team of brand specialists, who will be available to answer any question and guide visitors on which model best suits their needs.

Series 2, agile and compact

The Landini 2 Series comprises ideal all-purpose farming tractors which can also be used for municipal ground care. The range includes three models, 2-045, 2-050, 2-060 standard (cab or platform) or GE (platform only) and features 44 to 55hp Yanmar engines. The attractively styled cab has a redesigned control layout for improved operator comfort.

A modern, agile and compact range which can also be fitted with 24” tyres to obtain extremely reduced minimum dimensions: width 1,420 mm and 1,230 mm height at steering wheel. Optional 20” tyres are also available.

Series 4600, the super specialists

The Landini 4600 Series includes three models compliant with the Mother Regulation, fitted with Yanmar three-and four-cylinder engines, with indirect injection (23 hp) and direct injection (35 and 47 hp). Available in the ISM, ARM and VRM configurations, the series features a powerful oil-bath multi-disc brake system, a reverse shuttle transmission with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears, an independent PTO (semi-independent on the VRM version), and a dedicated oil-bath multi-plate clutch. Also included in standard equipment is the hitch with down-speed governor and maximum lifting capacity up to 1,000 kg.

Series 7000-9000, equal-sized wheels tractors

Landini’s experience in equal-sized wheels tractors is clearly evident in the Series 7000-9000, which can come with either front axle steering (IS versions) or central articulated steering (AR versions). Both versions are available in platform or cabbed configuration and feature a reversible driving position.

All tractors are powered by Deutz TCD L4 2.9-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve turbocharged aftercooled engines ranging from 70 hp to 102 hp with Stage IIIB – Tier 4i emissions and exhaust gas treatment is provided by the EGR & DOC system that requires no regeneration. Among new features, worth noting is the newly adopted Engine Memo Switch that enables operator to store and recall engine rpms at the touch of a button.

The transmission is entirely manufactured in Italy and consists of four gears and four ranges, for a total of 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, with mechanical reverse shuttle (Synchro Shuttle) and creeper.

The rear hitch has a maximum capacity of 2,300 kg and features a Category II three-point linkage.

The operator’s area has also been redesigned and sports on-board digital instrumentation.

REX4, the king of specialists

The largest tractor series present at Landini’s stand at this edition of FIMA will be the REX4, which will be displayed in the following versions: V, S, GT and GE (platform version). The serie is completed by the F models.

Power ranges from 70 to 112hp thanks to Deutz AG four-cylinder engines equipped with an EGR & DOC exhaust gas treatment system without DPF and therefore without regeneration.

Transmissions feature a mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle and 4 gears for 3 ranges and offer two options: Hi-Lo and High-Medium-Low, as well as the creeper.

The Engine Memo Switch is standard equipment and offers agility and convenience in operations that require a specific engine rpm to be stored and recalled.

Optimal efficiency in field operation is ensured by a multi-function all-in-one joystick controlling hydraulic services (up to 7 electro-hydraulic spool-valves), electronic management of daily hours of operation, field and service registers via Landini Fleet Management.

Available for cabins is the CAT 4 protection which, thanks to pressurisation system, insulates the operator’s area and protects it from harmful substances during chemical application. The system operates on the inputs from an on-board control unit that monitors internal pressure and the efficiency of the charcoal filters.

Hydraulic power is provided by a dual pump with 28 l/min capacity for the steering and a 50 l/min for hitch and control valves. As an option, a triple pump is available to provide 41 l/min for rear valves and hitch and 41 l/min for the midmount spool-valves, for a total of 110 l/min.

 Series 5, versatility at its best

The 5 Series (available in three models, 100, 110 and 120) is the generation of Medium Utility tractors. Extremely versatile, it is suitable for any type of activity, from operations like soil preparation, seeding and management of the entire haymaking cycle to livestock activities. The 5 Series is the perfect choice for medium-sized companies that operate mostly independently and want to make cost-effective investments in their machinery.

The engines are Deutz AG, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, 3.6 litre, Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection and EGR + DOC system to comply with the Stage 3B/Tier 4 Interim anti-pollution regulations.

The newly designed Total View Slim cab allows a 360° view and more comfortable on board life thanks to its large dimensions and perfectly soundproofed interior equipped with automotive quality materials. The rear and front openable windows have facilitated natural ventilation.

Eight transmission configurations available, from Speed Four with 12 FW + 12 RV with mechanical reverse shuttle to T-Tronic with 48 FW + 16 RV with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle, HML and Creeper.

Landini 5 Series is also the ideal choice for all raised beds thanks to the availability of the High Clearance (HC) version, with power span from 90hp to 107hp.

The wheelbase is 2,355 mm, the weight is 3,800 kg and the Gross Vehicle Weight is 5,400 kg.

Series 6H, top comfort medium-utility

Landini 6H Series is the symbol of versatility because it is able to carry out any type of work and because it allows for a very high level of customisation in order to better respond to the specific needs of each farm.

The model exhibited in Zaragoza will be the 6-125H, with a 119hp nominal power. The range is completed by the models 6-115H (110hp) and 6-135H (126hp).

All of them are equipped with Deutz 3.6-litre Tier 4 Final engines, as well as being fully compliant with the Mother Regulation. In addition, fuel consumption is controlled by the Engine Memo Switch.

The T-Tronic transmission is synonymous with efficiency: it triples the 12-speed Speed Four gears to 36 AV + 12 RM. The De-Clutch and Reverse Power Shuttle make it easier to respectively engage and reverse gears without using the clutch pedal.

The open-centre hydraulic circuit provides a flow rate of 66 l/min, plus a 38 l/min pump for the steering. An 11 litre auxiliary tank is also available as an option for implements requiring higher oil flow.

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