The season of performance

  October marks the beginning of the olive harvest season, a common activity in many southern European regions, with around five million hectares under cultivation. A business which is renowned and recognised worldwide due to its high product quality. This year’s season is not going to be an easy one due to climate change and cost increases, making it all the more crucial to choose your partner carefully. Productivity, manoeuvrability and high performance are intrinsic qualities of the range of Landini tractors used for olive harvesting: Mistral2, REX3 and REX4, three different models characterised by their ease of use and cabless design, making them ideal for manoeuvring around and under olive trees. Let’s look at them in detail.       Table of contents:

    1. Landini Mistral2: compact and agile
    2. Landini REX3 F-GE: specialised, robust and lightweight
    3. REX4, the king of speciality tractors

Landini Mistral2: compact and agile

  The Landini Mistral2 tractor, an evolution of the compact range, is available in two configurations, Standard and GE (Ground Effect), both in platform version. The latter – thanks to the lowered set-up obtained through dedicated rear final drives and front axle – further reduces the overall height from the ground of the bonnet and fenders, making it perfect for under-trellis work such as olive harvesting. While the new Landini Mistral2 impresses with its lightness, manoeuvrability and comfort, Landini has not overlooked the importance of power and productivity. This, in fact, is the most efficient Mistral ever, thanks to the Kohler KDI 1903 TCR engine, with outputs of 49 and 57 hp and maximum torques of 180 and 200 Nm, already available at just 1200 rpm. At this current moment in time, it is also a real money-saving partner: its high performance does not harm the environment or your wallet thanks to its low fuel consumption and full compliance with Stage V emission standards.  


Landini REX3 F-GE: specialised, robust and lightweight

  A finalist for the Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “best of specialized” category, the REX3 F-GE is now even more emblematic of Landini‘s evolution, with its Stage V engine. An ideal series for olive harvesting, thanks to its compact dimensions in both the platform and low-profile cab versions. The Landini REX3 combines power, sturdiness and lightness in a single machine. Moreover, its high manoeuvrability and high level of comfort guarantee trouble-free work even in low passages. Adding to these already innovative and functional features is the REX3 F-GE‘s reduced turning radius, which not only simplifies the number of headland manoeuvres, but also working time, fuel consumption and operator fatigue.  


REX4, the king of speciality tractors

  REX4 is Landini‘s flagship range of speciality tractors: light, practical and efficient, Stage V emission compliant. The Landini REX4 is the ideal partner for the olive harvesting season, thanks to its front axle, manufactured at the Argo Tractors facilities, that features a standard limited-slip differential lock with electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive. Furthermore, it guarantees high efficiency when using front implements, which can be directly installed on the ballast support or be moved using the front hitch fully built-in with the chassis and the front PTO. The load does not restrict the ease of use of the vehicle. In fact, the wide axle oscillation and 55° steering angle make the models really manoeuvrable.

    One activity, three different models to manage it: Landini has always worked side by side with farmers to meet their different needs with Italian-made products featuring high technology, distinctive design and the highest level of comfort in their category.        

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