Landini tractors – National Fruit Show debut

Landini tractors - National Fruit Show debut

How narrow do you need to go? The new Rex 4 Series vineyard models can get down to 1m yet there is a 111hp version.

All-new Landini orchard tractors to debut at the National Fruit Show in October.


An all-new range of Landini orchard and vineyard tractors will be launched at the National Fruit Show in October.

The Rex 4 Series tractors have a sleek new appearance but, more importantly, they bring a greater choice of models, new transmission configurations – including three-speed powershift on power shuttle versions – an improved operator environment in the new cab, and optional front axle suspension for the first time.

Ray Spinks, general manager and sales director at AgriArgo UK, the Landini distributor for Great Britain and Ireland, says the current Rex tractors have an enviable reputation for performance and durability, making them one of the most popular fruit tractors in the UK.

“The all-new design has a hard act to follow but we’re confident the new features and wider model choice will be well received by growers,” he adds.

In terms of overall size, base configurations and power outputs, the new Landini Rex 4 Series mirrors the current Rex. The ‘F’ models are narrow orchard tractors, the ‘GE’ versions have a have a lower stance for added stability, and the ‘GT’ has the wider axles and larger wheel options suitable for wide orchards.

Minimum operating widths are 1.3m for the ‘F’, 1.35m for the ‘GE’ and 1.5m for the ‘GT’ versions – while the new ‘V’ models can be configured down to just 1m wide.

For Landini southern area sales manager Steve Cann, whose dealers Richard Tooby in Herefordshire, Horsepower in Kent and Culverwells in East Sussex and Kent are regular suppliers to the fruit sector, the availability of vineyard specification models across the new range is a welcome change.

“With the current Rex we have just one model; with the Rex 4 Series we have the same six power outputs from 69hp to 111hp as for the wider tractors,” he points out.

This time around, a 2.9-litre compact four-cylinder engine provides the power, meeting emissions rules without resorting to exhaust filtration or urea injection to keep installation and service requirements as simple as possible.

At the lower end of the range, 12-15% more torque output will give the tractors livelier performance under load, while attractive fuel economy should be evident across the range from the new engine design.

New Eco 40kph transmission and four-speed pto options will also help in that respect, enabling growers to lower running costs. At the same time, larger fuel tanks will enable the tractors to work longer between refills – especially the ‘F’ and ‘GT’ versions, which have almost 40% more fuel capacity at 90-litres.

A suspension front axle option will be available for the first time to give operators and equipment an easier ride both on and off-road, and Steve Cann believes operators will also welcome the new cab design.

“Inside, the layout is all new, with gear and hydraulic spool valve levers falling more easily to hand and there’s a more cohesive arrangement of switches,” he points out. “A new instrument panel that moves with the angle-adjustable steering wheel also contributes to the more efficient and comfortable environment.”

The engineers at Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors have also managed to eliminate the transmission hump of the Rex with a cab floor on the new design that is pretty much flat right the way across.

“That will make getting in and out easier and be more comfortable when the driver is seated,” says Steve Cann. “An integrated joystick for hydraulic implement control and spool levers angled towards the driver will also make life more comfortable.”

The first of the new tractors, representing a range comprising 69hp, 76hp, 89hp, 95hp, 102hp and 111hp models, will be displayed at the Marden Fruit Society’s National Fruit Show on October 25/26 at Detling, Kent.


Landini tractors - National Fruit Show debut

How narrow do you need to go? The new Rex 4 Series vineyard models can get down to 1m yet there is a 111hp version.


Landini tractors - National Fruit Show debut

The new cab for the Landini Rex 4 Series is roomier, has no transmission tunnel and features an all-new control layout.


Landini tractors - National Fruit Show debut

Most powerful model in the ‘GT’ line-up – with the wider stance for maximum stability – is the 111hp Rex 4-120 GT.

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