Landini tractors – New Active model range

Landini tractors - New Active model range

The Landini 6-145 Active with 135hp rated speed output, 143hp max, is one of five new ‘Active’ specification tractors to join the Landini line-up.

New ‘Active’ models added to the Landini tractor range.


Landini gets ‘Active’ with new four and six cylinder tractors from 143hp to 175hp.

A new line of tractors that combine the best features of ‘mechanical’ and ‘electronic’ models will feature on the Landini stand at LAMMA 2017, the farm machinery and services show at Peterborough on January 18/19.

The new ‘Active’ models join the Landini line-up between the four-cylinder 6L Series tractors and full-spec Dynamic versions of the four-cylinder Landini 6 Series and six-cylinder 7 Series. The advanced Dynamic models come with a seat-mounted control console, electric spool valves and 9300kg rear three-point linkage. They can also be equipped with front axle independent wheel suspension for superior ride comfort and traction, 50kph gearing and precision farming electronics.

The two ‘Active’ models in the Landini 7 Series comprise the 165hp 7-175 Roboshift with +10hp boost for pto and transport applications, and a new addition to the range – the 7-160 Roboshift. With 152hp at rated speed and 160hp max output, this new model caters for operators wanting a tractor at this power level with a six-cylinder engine installed in a cast chassis for extra stability with heavy implements.

“With the 6L, 6 Series and 7 Series all covering power outputs from 143-175hp, the Landini range provides a great choice of specifications to meet different needs, preferences and budgets,” says Ray Spinks, general manager and sales director at GB distributor AgriAgro UK. “Go for the 6L if something capable but basic suits your needs; choose the 6/7 Series Dynamic for top specification; or opt for the new 6/7 Series Active for something in between.”

How the models compare

The Landini 6L tractors of 143hp, 163hp and 176hp have a ‘mechanical’ specification with, as base equipment, a lever-operated Synchro Shuttle 18×18 transmission, which can be upgraded with an electric Power Shuttle and additional speeds, including a three-step powershift. Standard equipment includes two-speed pto, manual spool valves coupled to an 87-litre/min gear pump, and a comfortable cab installed on iso mounts.

Choose the new ‘Active’ versions of the 6/7 Series tractors instead and drivers get to work in Landini’s spacious Lounge four-post cab with optional hydraulic suspension available to complement the beam axle suspension that can also be added to the specification.

Manual spool valves feature again, set at a convenient angle on the side console, and while the four-cylinder 6 Series tractors also have a gear pump with 88-litre/min flow, this can be changed for a higher capacity flow-on-demand pump delivering up to 123-litres/min, which is standard fare on the six-cylinder 7 Series Active models.

In both cases, the main pump is complemented by a 44-litre/min element dedicated to steering and ancillary controls.

Also standard is the slick Roboshift semi-powershift transmission, its six ranges and four powershift steps giving a 24×24 configuration (40×40 with creep option) operated by buttons on a multi-function joystick located on a new side console.

Auto modes for the Roboshift transmission can be selected for optimum hands-free speed control in field and road applications, and the four-speed pto provides ‘power’ and ‘economy’ gearing for 540 and 1000rpm shaft speeds.

The new models are available from AgriArgo’s nationwide network of Landini sales, parts and service dealers.


Landini tractors - New Active model range

The Landini 6-145 Active with 135hp rated speed output, 143hp max, is one of five new ‘Active’ specification tractors to join the Landini line-up.


Landini tractors - New Active model range

Inside the four-post Lounge cab, where soft-touch materials and a big glass area help create a comfortable and relaxed working environment.


Landini tractors - New Active model range

The side control console of the new Landini 6/7 Series ‘Active’ specification tractors houses transmission, hydraulic, pto and other controls in a logically laid out arrangement.

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