Pat Brogan Tractors awarded larger Landini sales, parts and service territory in Ireland

Landini 4 Series on a Pat Brogan Tractors truck

Another Landini delivery heading out from the Strokestown premises of Pat Brogan Tractors – this time, a 99hp 4-100 destined for its new owner.

A highly successful record as a sales, service and parts dealer for Landini tractors in the west of Ireland has been rewarded with an expansion of the territory covered by Pat Brogan Tractors.

The dealership based in Strokestown already supplies new Landini tractors to farmers in counties Roscommon, Longford and Leitrim but now the territory has been extended westwards into Mayo and Sligo, previously covered by O’Brien Tractors, and eastwards into Co Cavan.

Adrian Winnett, UK & Ireland managing director at Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors, said: “Having performed consistently well in their area over the years with sales of Landini tractors and strong customer support, it’s a logical progression for Pat Brogan Tractors to work across a larger territory as our official supplier of tractors and parts.”

Managing director Pat Brogan welcomes the move: “At Strokestown here we’re right at the centre of the enlarged area and no more than an hour away in either direction,” he points out. “We’re already supplying and supporting second-hand tractors in these areas, so we know we can deliver a good service to farmers who buy new Landini tractors from us.”

Pat and Cathal Brogan

Pat Brogan (left) and his son Cathal at Pat Brogan Tractors, Strokestown are now supplying new Landini tractors and genuine Argo Parts across a larger territory that extends from their core sales area of Roscommon, Longford and Leitrim into Mayo, Sligo and Cavan.

Pat Brogan has a long association with Landini, being appointed a main dealer for the Argo Tractors marque in 1995.

He says the relative simplicity of the 90-130hp tractors he mostly supplies still have stong appeal amongst the beef and sheep and dairy farmers in the region, with the current range providing plenty of specification and feature choices to meet different requirements and preferences.

“The Landini range has been developed in a very positive way, with a comfortable cab and great visibility making the machines a good drive on top of being well known for reliability and performance,” says Pat Brogan.

“There are more electrics, of course, but that goes for all tractors today and younger farmers especially are comfortable with that. All the same, we know people really want to try out a new tractor before considering a purchase, so we’re currently running two demonstration units – a Landini 6-H and a 5 Series – for people to experience.”

The Landini 6-H and loader run by Pat Brogan Tractors is a new design that features the same 36×12, three-speed powershift transmission as the larger 6-C but in a more compact package with power outputs of 110hp, 119hp and 126hp.

Landini 6-135H tractor

Pat Brogan Tractors is current running two demonstrators, including a Landini 6-H – a new design that offers a progression in performance and features from the popular 5-H Series tractors.

Pat and Cathal Brogan with Landini tractors.

Pat and Cathal Brogan with their Landini 6-135H demonstration tractor and loader flanked by the more powerful 7 Series models.

“This tractor has a nice combination of size and power, making it a great loader machine that can also turn its hand to proper field work,” says Pat Brogan. “We’ve had very positive feedback from farmers who’ve tried it.”

The 5 Series is another three-model range at 99hp, 107hp and 113hp with a new 24×24 transmission featuring two-speed powershift and synchro or power shuttle likely to be favoured for loader work.

A good number of new tractors – as well as a big selection of used units – is kept in stock at the Strokestown premises for buyers who want quick delivery of a new tractor, which is then backed by “a serious stock of parts”, as Pat Brogan puts it, for models going back over the years.

“We also have four technicians on the road or repairing in the workshops, plus an experienced storesman supporting our customers,” he points out. “My son Cathal and I look after sales, so we’re very well placed to help farmers choose to operate a new Landini tractor.

“On top of that we’ve developed a very good relationship with the Argo Tractors team now looking after Ireland,” he adds. “The UK lads have been very, very helpful with good technical and other support that’s encouraged us to put financial investment into operating across our expanded territory.

“All in all, it’s been a very positive change.”


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