The Landini digital world in an App

The future is already a reality for Landini: the brand of the Argo Tractors group presents a technology capable of offering the operator all their digital services in a single application: My Landini. An app that allows the operator to manage tractors with simple and few commands, without wading through complicated functions and multiple websites.

“The new App is part of a digital strategy in which Argo Tractors has decided to invest over the last few years, with the aim of offering its customers an inclusive experience: from the tractor itself to related services, digital and off-line, everything is managed in a smart and user-friendly way” comments Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director of Argo Tractors. “With this initiative, centrality is reserved to Landini customers and dealers, who can interact instantly, respectively viewing and uploading customised content such as promotions, events, news and notifications”.

 By downloading and registering the App free of charge from the Play Store and Apple Store, the operator stays in touch with the tractor or fleet, interacting with it at any place and at any time. Associated functions include the possibility to search for the nearest dealer and make an appointment, receive information, customised offers and consult Scheduled Maintenance. Through My Landini, in fact, it is also possible to access other brand apps, starting with Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, designed to monitor the main activities of the fleet, with the aim of using tractors and implements in the most effective way possible. Exploiting communication protocols and satellite systems for machine geolocation, the App collects data and monitors fleet activities in real time from both PCs and smartphones. By analysing the information collected, it is possible to check the performance of each tractor and determine the economic margins of the farm. Diagnostics can also be carried out remotely to detect any problems, thus reducing vehicle downtime.

My Landini also provides access to Landini Farm, the App dedicated to the farm management platform. It is therefore possible to administer agronomic models, prescription maps, as well as the integration of field sensors and the definition of traceability and sustainability protocols.

Finally, with the Landini Efficiency Plan, the operator is able to plan scheduled maintenance, keeping preventive work under control at all times to keep the tractor running efficiently. At each maintenance interval the App will give a reminder of which checks to perform and which spare parts are needed.

My Landini is part of the digitalisation plan in which the Italian company has invested, and which last November saw the signing of a partnership agreement between Argo Tractors and xFarm Technologies, a tech company aiming to digitalise the agri-food sector.

“My Landini opens the door to new horizons, with the possibility of managing all the available technologies, as well as those that will be adopted on tractors in the near future, with the aim of simplifying the operator’s work, while always considering cost reduction and increasing worksite efficiency”, concludes Antonio Salvaterra of Argo Tractors.

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