Table of contents:

      1. Spring emergency in orchards amid abnormal heat and rainfall
      2. Landini tractors, the perfect partners for your orchard in all circumstances
      3. Mistral2, the Landini specialist for your orchard
      4. Landini precision farming among the answers to climate change

Spring emergency in orchards amid abnormal heat and rainfall

  Climate change is a highly topical issue, the consequences of which affect many aspects of the agricultural sector. The early spring season – an event that has characterised recent years – has become a phenomenon to be particularly monitored for orchard crops. This is because, on the one hand, it has an abnormally warm winter that causes plants to sprout and fruit to grow prematurely, and on the other, it makes the orchard more vulnerable to late frosts, which are risky because they carry pathogens and pests. Unfortunately, even the rain does not come to the rescue, since – again due to climate change – this weather phenomenon has also become considerably more aggressive, with less frequent, but definitely more intense rainfall that, like a water bomb, destroys plantations. Coping with these climatic pitfalls is crucial: choosing the right ally to get the best out of your orchard and give it back the well-being it deserves is possible thanks to Landini.  


Landini tractors, the perfect partners for your orchard in all circumstances

  Given a weather season that does not help the lands cultivated with orchards to be lush and which is putting their health to the test, it becomes essential to protect these areas with careful farming and with tractors that allow the orchard to be treated in the best possible way without impacting the soil. This is where the engineering of Landini, the leader in orchard tractors, comes into play: its range combines innovation and tradition, with models that are now known as benchmarks among speciality tractors on a global scale and that continue to evolve to ever higher standards. Agility in tight spaces, ergonomics combined with compactness, comfort and design are the main features of these jewels of technology. A wide range that meets the demand of the most ambitious farms: Various transmissions, front axles and rear wheels characterise models with different wheelbases, heights and track widths:  

  • REX4 F: for narrow orchards, agile in the small space between rows
  • REX4 GE: for low orchards, perfect for moving under branches
  • REX4 GB: Gran Basso, ideal for cultivation under canopies and in greenhouses
  • REX4 GT: for wide orchards, with mixed vocation also for open field
  • REX4 V: ultra-compact for vineyards


A product family that makes innovation its main feature, Landini REX4 is available with a category 2 or category 4 protection cab, and also in a platform version designed for low passages. A “Low Profile” cab is also available for this platform version, ideal for low crown crops. The constant attention to the operator featured in every model is expressed in the REX4 with a spacious, comfortable (also easy to access), safe driver‘s seat with all-round visual control to maximise productivity. The wide platform, mounted on Hydro-Silent Blocks, dampens stresses from the ground, while its intuitive controls further facilitate the farmer’s movements, thus reducing fatigue at the end of the day. The latest generation of design, clearly inspired by the automotive industry and combining aesthetics and functionality, is embodied in the energetic lines of the bonnet and the rounded lines of the fenders that guarantee agile work under row branches.  


Mistral2, the Landini specialist for your orchard

  It can hardly be said that Argo Tractors engineering sets boundaries: In fact, Landini’s Mistral2 is the star model in the brand’s expanded compact range.   A concrete evolution in the engine, now Kohler with Stage V emission, has been possible thanks to Argo Tractors professionals who have kept the height of the bonnet from the ground unchanged by adopting a side exhaust gas treatment system, thus continuing to ensure excellent visibility for the operator. This is the key to Mistral2, the ideal partner for specialised farming in orchards.   Compactness is the key element, both in the Standard configuration of the Mistral2 Series, which is available with cab, and in the GE (Ground Effect) configuration in a platform set-up. The small dimensions do not limit design, which stands out for its modernity and functionality, thanks in part to the fact that the FOPS cab is mounted on silent blocks that isolate it acoustically and dampen any vibrations. The Landini operator is further supported in his/her daily work by the comfort of air conditioning, opening front window, vehicle radio, ergonomic controls with intuitive positioning and 4-pillar design for absolute visibility.  


Landini precision farming among the answers to climate change

In this uncertain climate, where soils must be safeguarded and forecasting becomes increasingly complex, farmers are moving towards precision farming and Argo Tractors has always accompanied them on this path where technology and sustainability are intertwined. The aim is to reduce costs related to labour, inputs, diesel fuel used, achieving economic, environmental, social and productivity benefits.   Among the most important elements that characterise Landini precision farming is the Advanced Driving System (ADS), a well-known and award-winning hybrid assisted driving system that facilitates the operator in all manoeuvres, thanks to a power steering supported by state-of-the-art mechatronic solutions. This provides steering stiffening as speed increases, connection to satellite guidance, as well as memorisation and control of wheel position during works, bringing benefits such as:

  • Higher operator comfort
  • Greater work efficiency
  • Elimination of external stresses
  • Improved tractor control and stability

  Added to this is Landini’s Precision Steering Management (PSM), a system that integrates satellite guidance devices, which can reduce operating costs, increase machine efficiency and protect the environment by reducing pollution. An integral part of Landini‘s solutions for precision farming is also Landini Fleet Management, thanks to which it is possible to telematically manage the machine fleet in a more efficient way, reducing costs, monitoring the machines, analysing their data, carrying out remote diagnostics and storing processing data, so as to always have an up-to-date log. Finally, mapping by means of sensors, which via satellite tracking allows for a mapping output of the variable aspects of the terrain, being useful for orchard management, as it provides an overview of the quality of the produce and the terrain itself, helping in defence, nutrition and irrigation operations.

Thanks to the daily work that Argo Tractors technicians and professionals carry out in terms of both technology and model innovation, the farmer working in the orchard knows he/she can find in Landini a constant point of reference, even in the most complex moments such as early spring. This is not just a confirmation, but a goal that the brand achieves and materialises through its engineering.    

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