FIMA: continuous renewing of Landini tractors

FIMA: continuous renewing of Landini tractors

There's no stopping Landini when it comes to renewing the entire product range. The Italian tractor-maker has kept its promise to renew all products in all power categories and during FIMA Show in Zaragoza (Spain) will be launching important innovations in the medium-low segment. These machines have been designed to suit the utility farm sector as well as the specialist and ground care sectors. These latest developments are further evidence of Argo Tractors product development strategy in designing products that are suitable for the global market.

New 2 Series
In its preview, the ultra-new 2 Series will make its debut at the FIMA show. The 2 Series replaces the Mistral range with a modern, agile and compact solution. On show will be a foot step version whilst a cabbed version will also be available. This new tractor series shares some of the common design and styling elements of the hood and roof designs from others in the range, which continues on with the modern family look of Landini. The 2 Series comes in standard configuration and a new “GE” configuration (footstep only) where the rear final drives and platform have been carefully re-designed to achieve a platform height which is 95 mm lower than the current Mistral. The result ensures improved performance where height and width constraints exist, such as awning vineyards or greenhouses. Dimensions become extremely compact with 24” rear tyres: 1,420 mm minimum width and just 1,230 mm height to steering wheel. 20” rear tyres will also be available as an option. The range features 44 HP to 55 HP Yanmar engines and comes in three models: 2-045, 2-050, 2-060 STD or GE.

New 4D Series
The Landini 4D Series, an efficient, sturdy range that'll improve the performance already appreciated by Technofarm users, also makes its debut at the show. This 2WD and 4WD tractor range initially comprises footstep versions only, whilst cab versions are planned for the future. One model is available right now with Perkins Tier 3 engine, 4-075D, whilst other models, 4-060D, 4-070D, 4-080D are available with Deutz Tier 4 Final engines. Made in Italy by Argo Tractors, the mechanical transmission is equipped with 3 range and 4 speed gears whilst an optional 300 m/h creeper is also available. The 4WD versions of the 4D Series feature electrohydraulically controlled 4WD engagement, single or 2-speed synchronized PTO, open-centre hydraulic circuit with 45 l/min. flow rate to supply the power lift and control valves, rear lift capacity up to 3400 kg (with assistor ram), one remote control valve as standard with one additional valve available as an option. The power lift can also be equipped with the Ergonomic Lift System for improved comfort when using implements.

4 Series “2016 Year Model”
Landini's 4 Series “2016 Year Model” is on show at FIMA 2016 with an important upgrade not only designed to improve ergonomics, but also efficiency and overall performance.
Improved ergonomics are achieved by the introduction of a new cab control layout. New control panels, new gear shift, range shift, remote valve controls, and new controls for the power lift (for both electronically and mechanically operated versions) are all introduced.
The 4 Series now offers new features and functionality: Engine Memo Switch, allows the Operator to store the working speed, at the press of a button and rapidly return to the same setting as required; a new 2-way hydraulic selector control; Ergonomic Lift System for the version with mechanical power lift.
Models 4-060, 4-070, 4-075 and 4-080 feature certain other innovations involving the front axle braking system and are now available with an upgraded transmission for which the Hi-Lo feature is released for improved overall performance.

5H Series “2016 Year Model”
Not be be left out, the 5H Series “2016 Year Model” also gets a fresh look for the show. The can shares the same cab upgrades as the 4 Series ie enhanced interior with new controls and layout. In addition, up to 3 remote valves can now be specified, all independently operated by separate, dedicated control levers.

6L Series
The 6L Series, a development of the Landpower tractor, is also a feature at the Zaragoza venue and is available in three hp variants (6-145L, 6-160L and 6-175L), with 143, 163 and 176 HP power ratings, respectively. This product family is also available with the new front axle suspension system. This new design provides improved comfort and increased productivity over the standard axle. The 6L Series reflects the modern family feeling of Landini's more recent tractors and features a restyled cab with new interior cab trim colours. Hinged at the rear, the bonnet provides unrestricted access to the engine compartment, while swing-up coolers make cleaning and maintenance both easier and quicker.

Rex, now with new styling
The renowned REX specialist tractor is also on show at FIMA with its new bonnet styling set to make a great impression. The bonnet is made of polymeric materials, which provides it with mechanical strength, is resistant to external agents and reflects the enticing new look proposed by Landini's latest generation machines. Whilst it’s external appearance and new style cab brings greater levels of comfort, the new REX tractors retains all the feature and functional attributes of the previous Rex series. The “F”, “GE” and “GT” versions feature 3 or 4-cylinder Perkins engines with maximum power ratings ranging from 68 HP for the “REX 70” version to 110 HP for top-of-the-range “REX 120”.

Landini 4600 Series
Landini 4600 ARM series is displayed in the footstep configuration. Easy to handle and versatile, these distinguishing features are obtained thanks to ultra-compact dimensions. Featuring Yanmar engines ratings from 23 to 48 HP, the tractors include the powerful oil-immersed multiple-plate braking system, the 8 FWD + 4 REV transmission with synchronized reverse shuttle and the fully independent PTO with dedicated oil-immersed multiple-plate clutch. There is also a front hitch with down-speed regulator and 1000 kg maximum lifting capacity. Maximum performance is achieved with the new optional outfit which includes up to 3 double-acting control valves and a power lift with up/down/float functions or 2 double-acting control valves with power lift and draft control function.

Landini 9000 Series
Conceived for specialized farming market, Landini 9000 Series tractors are available in articulated (AR) version. Also available in option is a factory-fitted homologated cabin.
Equipped with Tier3 3200 cc. 4-cylinder FPT engines, the power ratings offered are 88 and 95 HP. The transmission comes with 16 FWD + 16 REV speeds, is equipped with mechanical reverse shuttle and Argo Tractors' original creeper (speeds from 0.8 to 40 km/h). The De-Clutch button on the shuttle lever allows the operator to reverse the tractor without having to depress the clutch pedal. Also available for 9000 Series is a new Joystick with full proportional control over all users: continuous oil delivery with flow control, shut-off valves on the hydraulic taps and floating functions on the double-acting sections, electrohydraulically controlled PTO, 2,300 kg power lift, 50 + 31 l/min hydraulic circuit, reversible driver's position and front axle with 4WD engagement and electrohydraulic diff locks.

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