Landini stepless transmission tech being highlighted by Argo Tractors at LAMMA

With optimum powertrain control for different situations, Landini 6C V-Shift tractors offer easy driving characteristics for field and yard work.

The driving ease and productivity benefits of CVT transmissions technology available in latest Landini tractors will be highlighted on the Argo Tractors stand at the LAMMA show in January.

Argo manufactures V-Shift versions of the 166hp to 192hp six-cylinder 7 Series tractors, the 141hp to 176hp four-cylinder 7 Series, and also the 114hp to 140hp four-cylinder Landini 6C tractors.

At LAMMA, Landini CVT technology will be showcased by the series-topping 6-145C V-Shift, a high-specification mid-range machine with 130hp for draft work and up to 140hp for transport and pto-implement applications.

Landini product specialist Andy Starbuck notes that manufacturers first introduced CVT technology in the most powerful arable tractors.

“But has since filtered down to smaller models, giving livestock and smaller arable farms, and commercial horticulture, access to the features and benefits it offers,” he says.

“Argo Tractors was among the first manufacturers to offer CVT in the 100-140hp power bracket and farmers operating tractors of that size are beginning to appreciate what it has to offer for field and loader work.”

A purpose-designed transmission engineered by Argo Tractors goes into the Landini 6C V-Shift to provide seamless speed control and acceleration from standstill to top speed, without any manual shifting involved.

And with no need to use the clutch pedal for speed-matched forward-to-reverse shifting, V-Shift technology also creates an ideal loader tractor.

“That also results in a very comfortable driving experience for the operator,” says Andy Starbuck. “But also a very efficient one for all yard, field and road work, because the engine and transmission automatically find the optimum revs and ‘gearing’ for the load, power and torque demands.”

The net result includes potential for welcome fuel savings and productivity gains, and also improved quality of work when handling speed-critical field operations such as seedbed preparation and stone/clod separation for potatoes and similar crops.

Also on show at LAMMA – the 99-113hp Landini 5 Series is a multi-tasking work-horse for stock farms.

Powershift and manual transmissions will feature in other tractors on Argo’s LAMMA stand, including an example of the 69-107hp Landini 4 Series in fully ‘mechanical’ form and a more comprehensively equipped model from the 99-113hp Landini 5 Series with power shuttle, two-speed powershift and electronic rear hitch control.

Three-speed powershift and power shuttle for fingertip operation feature on the larger 110-126hp 6H Series tractor, a model that brings together the Landini 6C’s powershift transmission, a shorter front end and a lower cab to create a field and loader tractor with great strength in a compact package.

The positive reputation for Landini specialist tractors in the fruit sector is represented at LAMMA by the new high clearance 5 HC four-wheel drive, standing tall on 44in tyres all round, and a Rex 4 orchard tractor with new front axle suspension and factory-installed front three-point hitch.

The new Rex 3 heavy-duty compact fruit tractor for orchard, polytunnel and vineyard operations will be on show at LAMMA for the first time.

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