Landini tractors 4 Series – Dealer George Colliar Ltd

Landini tractors 4 Series - Dealer George Colliar Ltd

Robert Buchanan: “Visibility is very good and just what you need for work around the steading.”

New Landini 4 Series tractor is a smart mover for field and steading work in West Fife sold by Landini dealer George Colliar Ltd.


When a tractor’s workload involves three diet feeder mixes a day, 365 days of the year, if there’s one thing it needs, it is reliability.

And having experienced the assured performance of the previous tractor given this task – a Landini Powerfarm 100 – Robert and Sharon Buchanan at Pow Farm, Powmill by Dollar had little hesitation replacing it with a newer, more modern model.

“The Powerfarm 100 had clocked up 4500hrs with no serious issues but reliability is paramount for a feeder tractor so it came time to replace it,” says Mr Buchanan, who produces beef and milks 200 commercial Holstein Friesians on the 440-acre all-forage farm.

“I wanted a simple and relatively compact tractor but of good quality rather than cheap and nasty,” he adds. “It also had to be very manoeuvrable for steading work – and that’s what we’ve got with the Landini 4-100.”

The 99hp tractor supplied by Willie Sneddon at George Colliar Ltd, Kinross, is the middle of three models from 90-107hp in the Landini 4 Series.

It was introduced as an all-new design from Italian manufacturer Argo Tractors, featuring new transmissions coupled to a compact and economical four-cylinder Deutz engine, and topped by a new cab.

“The Deutz engine was an attraction because of the other tractors we run here and the new cab is a good place to be because it’s roomier and the controls are better placed than in the Powerfarm,” says Mr Buchanan.

“We kept the tractor’s specification down by having mechanical lift controls, a synchro shuttle and no air conditioning,” he adds. “But we still got features like hydraulic pto engagement, which works very smoothly and takes up drive nice and gently.”

This is a noticeable benefit come summer when the tractor’s daily routine is supplemented by grass tedding and raking for silage lifted by a forage wagon.

Manoeuvrability is also a key feature because feeding out to the beef cattle and dairy cows, which are housed all year, involves some tight turns, especially into a building with a dead-end feed passage. But because the Landini can draw the tub-type feeder through a tight side gate, there is no need for what would be the more awkward manoeuvre of having to reverse it into position.

“We also put the tractor on the slurry pump because it’s so manoeuvrable we can stir up the underground storage tank from several different positions and get a good mix,” says Robert Buchanan.”

A simple spec was chosen for the Landini 4-100 at Pow Farm from the wide choice of features and options available with the 4 Series.

These include a synchro or fingertip power shuttle; four different transmissions from a 12×12 to a 32×32 creep ‘box with two-speed powershift; pto configurations with power or economy gearing; and mechanical or electronic linkage operation and draft control. Two-wheel drive and a no cab option are also available, although the cabin design is very attractive, being spacious for the size of tractor, with a slim roof panel keeping overall height to a minimum. Inside, there are well laid out controls, including spool valve levers angled towards the driver.

A deep windscreen with slim header rail complements the large side and rear glazing in giving the operator great all-round visibility. “The visibility is very good and just what you need for work around the steading,” confirms Robert Buchanan. “There’s also a strong fan with plenty of output for ventilation – but have an opening windscreen like ours and in the field you also get a very nice airflow on a warm day.”

The tractor’s busy workload saw it clocking up 1600 hours in its first 15 months on the farm and such has been the satisfactory performance that another Landini was purchased a few weeks ago, supplied with Landini’s MClassic loader.

At 113hp, the Landini 5-115H is a more powerful and more substantial tractor, with a heavier duty transmission, longer wheelbase and greater linkage lift capacity.

“But it shares the 4-100 model’s cab and has a similar control layout, which is handy when you jump from one tractor to the other,” says Mr Buchanan. “And this time we have a power shuttle, giving easy changes between forward and reverse, which is essential for loader work.”


Landini tractors 4 Series - Dealer George Colliar Ltd

Robert Buchanan: “Visibility is very good and just what you need for work around the steading.”


Landini tractors 4 Series - Dealer George Colliar Ltd

At 99hp, the Landini 4-100 is the middle of three models from 90-107hp in the new 4 Series.


Landini tractors 4 Series - Dealer George Colliar Ltd

The tractor’s size and manoeuvrability make it ideal for working in and around buildings but it’s also man enough for field work.

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