8 June 2017

Landini tractors – new 7-160 Active model makes debut

New Landini 7-160 ‘Active’ tractor makes its debut at Grassland and Muck event.   An ‘Active’ version of the 160hp 7-160 Roboshift – a […]
8 June 2017

Landini tractors – 7-160 Roboshift makes Scottish debut

Landini 7-160 Roboshift tractor makes Scottish debut at the Royal Highland Show.   The new ‘Active’ version of the Landini 6/7 Series Roboshift tractor […]
30 May 2017

Landini tractors – New distribution arrangements throughout Ireland

New distribution arrangements for Landini tractors throughout Ireland.   Argo Tractors has appointed AgriArgo UK, its distributor in Great Britain, to also handle whole-goods […]
5 May 2017

Landini tractors 4 Series – Dealer Chris Keitch

Landini Dealer Chris Keitch supplies 4-Series open platform loader tractor.   Clear all-round visibility is a boon with open platform Landini loader tractor. It […]
5 May 2017

Landini tractors 5D Series – Dealer Chris Keitch

Landini 5D Series tractor sold by dealer Chris Keitch is customers’ fourth open platform tractor.   Open air farming – working around the weather […]
21 February 2017

Landini tractors – 2 Series 4D 4C Series ideal scraper tractors

Landini tractor – 2 Series, 4D and 4C Series goes back to basics for latest scraper tractor candidates.   Another candidate for yard scraping […]
15 February 2017

Landini REX 4: the King of Sima 2017

Landini REX 4: the King of Sima 2017, along with lots of other innovations A glimpse of what farming work will be like 10 […]
31 January 2017

Landini tractors – New Active model range

New ‘Active’ models added to the Landini tractor range.   Landini gets ‘Active’ with new four and six cylinder tractors from 143hp to 175hp. […]
16 December 2016

2017 Landini Calendar

2017 Landini Calendar, a masterpiece of art and technology  Landini's 2017 calendar expresses a new concept of profound significance, where tractors working in the […]

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