Fruit farmer in Wellington set to remain a loyal client

In his 14 years of farming in the Western Cape, Nico Skog from Rein Trust farming near Wellington has established a strong relationship with the Landini dealership in Wellington. And, according to Skog, this relationship is set to continue well into the future.

His father bought the first Landini Power Farm 100 for vegetable farming when they bought the farm and since then, their farmer-dealer relationship build on trust, has grew from strength to strength.

Today Skog farms with wine and table grapes, stone fruit, and olives.

Why Landini?

“The most important reason for our relationship with Landini is the service aspect. Our dealer in Wellington is always there to offer advice and the entire team goes out of their way to supply us with parts when needed. It is also a comfort to know that the Landini tractor parts are always in stock. We are extremely satisfied with the client service that we receive from our dealer,” Skog says. He explains that “when we have a problem or query, the dealer immediately sends out someone and within half an hour we are sorting out the problem on the farm.”

On a more practical level, Skog says that the tractors are ergonomically comfortable to work in, easy to handle and do not tire the drivers. “When your drivers spend 8-9 hours a day on a tractor, you want them to be comfortable. This is one of the main benefits of the Landini tractor. They are user-friendly en have enough space on the tractor for the driver. My drivers prefer the Landini tractor and do not want any other tractor on the farm. They love the blue tractors,” he says.

The tractors are mainly used on the Rein Trust farms to pull various implements such as shredders, mulchers and chemical applicators, as well as for soil preparation when establishing new orchards and vineyards and making ridges. “Landini tractors can be used to perform various tasks and allows for the attachment of various implements and trailers. The tractors are agile and ideal for operating in tight spaces in the vineyards and orchards,” Skog says.

He adds that another advantage of the compact Landini tractors is that they use less fuel. “With the current high fuel prices, this is a huge plus point. The tractors are powerful and efficient with  low noise and vibration and ideal to for us to maintain our crops and bring in the harvest.”

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