Maschio Hay Equipment

Maschio Hay Equipment






A full line up of disc and drum mowers with or without conditioners.

The range includes front and rear mounted units as well as trailed machines suitable for a vas array of conditions from permanent pastures and meadowlands to highly productive raygrass leys and other heavy forage crops.

Within the range there ae machines suitable for small, medium and large farms for mowing on hills and plains with roller of flail conditioners.

A sturdy framed coupled with quick release blades and hard wearing skids ensure durability and ease of maintenance 

Debora Pro H

Side mounted mower with spring central suspension 

Cutting widths from 2.4-2.8m, 6 and 7 disc models are designed to meet the specific needs of operators running medium to large machines. 

They adapt to undulating terrain without having to adjust any mechanical settings and can be equipped with rubber roller conditioner's of flail conditioners 

Debora Pro I

Side Disc mower with Hydraulic Central suspension 

Guarantee high flow of forage.

The perfect cut bar has been designed to meet the needs of professionals farmers thanks to its precise cut and high durability of its component.

Available with working width of up to 2.6-3.4m, it can be coupled to tractors up to 100 hp 

Dimensions and Weights

Debora Pro H

Tractor power required = 70-100 hp

Working width = 260-340 cm

Swath Width = 100-200cm

Number of knives = 12-16


Debora Pro I

Tractor power required = 70-100 hp

Working width = 360-340 cm

Swath Width = 100-280cm

Number of knives = 12-16

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