Landini Solis 50/60

Landini Solis 50/60


/ 3




Constant Mesh


Landini Solis 50 & 60 Type = Water-cooled, Injection Max Power (hp/kw) 50/35 & 60/44 Air Cleaner = Dry Air Cleaner Fuel Tank Capacity = 65


Landini Solis 50 & 60

Type = Constant Mesh

Speed (km/h)

50 = 2.60-30.92

60 =  1.55-31.9


Landini Solis 50 & 60

Hydraulic Lift Oil Flow = 26

Standard Lifting Capacity (Kg) = 1600

Position, Draft, Mix Control = Standard


Landini Solis5060
Front Tyres6.00-167.50-16
Rear Tyres13.6R2814.9-28
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm)200290
Wheelbase (mm)14201560

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