Super T3

Super T3

Super T3 Series


4400 / 4


61, 68, 75


Rear Mechanical Diff. Lock

Simple, functional, economic

The new Super T3 tractor family from Landini has been designed to replace the popular Globalfarm series. Supplied in both two- and four-wheel drive versions, this low-cost tractor combines a simple design with excellent performance and functionality. Three models in the range are all powered by Perkins 1104 series four-cylinder engines that deliver high torque backup and quiet, eco-friendly performance while ensuring excellent fuel economy. The Super 90, 100 and 110 models are powered by engines meeting Tier 3 emissions regulations.

Perkins 1104A series engines

Direct Injection Perkins Diesel Engine: 1104D-44T
Maximum Power ISO (kW): 61-75
Net PTO Power ISO (kW): 58-67
Rated Speed (rpm):2200
Maximum Torque (Nm): 352-416
Maximum Torque Speed (rpm):1400
Mechanical Fuel Injection, Turbo, Inter Cooled: STD
Bore/Stroke: (105/127)
Displacement/No. of Cylinders (cm³): (4400/4)
Water Cooling: STD


Super 90/100/110

Basic Gearbox = Shuttle 12 FWD + 12 REV = STD

Rear Mechanical Diff. Lock = STD

Hydraulic System

Super 90/100/110

Mechanically operated = STD

Position, Draft and Control Functions = STD

Lifting capacity with 2 cylinders = 3700

Hydraulic pump delivery + Steering = 53+28

3-Point linkage = STD

Auxiliary Hydraulic Valves = STD


Length Without Ballast (mm) 4111 4135 4135
Height (mm) 2560 2610 2610
Height Over Safety Frame (mm) 3150 3150 3150
Maximum Ground Clearance (mm) 390 400 400
Weight Without Ballast 4WD (kg) 3300 3300 3300

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