Sigma 4 Front Loaders & Backhoes

Sigma 4 Front Loaders & Backhoes






    C180 C230 C270
Bucket Breakout Force   2600 2600 2750
Rotation Angle   180 180 180
Pump Capacity Lt / min 16 16 26
Operating Pressure Cafe 180 180 180
buckets min 250-600 250-600 300-800
Wight with Standard bucket kg 515 545 710

Front Loader with Manual Implement levelling on F Series Front Loader with Mechanical Implement self-levelling system on M Series Front Loader with Hydraulic Implement self-levelling system on H Series

• Fitting brackets supporting loader from tractor front end to rear axle shafts

• Hydraulic system conforming to tractor specifications Standard Equipment

• Two double acting cylinders for lifting

• Two double acting cylinders for the operation of the implement on F & M Series

• Two double acting cylinders for the operation of the implement designed with double rod for faster implement unloading on H Series

• Quick-release of loader from tractor VELOTAK

• Implement quick release EURO

• Hydraulic quick-fit couplings on CHROME, IRON & GOLD Series

• Adjustable support legs

• Bucket level gauge on IRON, GOLD Series

• Anti-bounce GENIUS SYSTEM

• Hydraulic multi-connector FLASH SYSTEM

Earth Bucket Round & Square Bale Fork Pallet Fork Grab for Wrapped Bales Grab for Round Bales Mechanical Tilting Blade Big Bag Carrier

Front Loaders

  Chrome F Chrome M
  F20 F30 M20 M30
Max lifting weight: At Pivoting Point With Tilted Bucket   3800 2940   3870 3010   3800 2940   3870 3010
Angles: Tilted bucket on ground Bucket Unloaded   45 55   45 55   45 90   45 55

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