2 Series

2 Series

Landini 2 Series

The Landini 2 Series replaces the Mistral range with a modern, agile and compact solution. This new tractor series shares some of the common design and styling elements of the hood and roof designs from others in the range, which continues with the modern family look of Landini. The result ensures improved performance where height and width constraints exist, such as awning vineyards or greenhouses. The 2 Series features 35 kW Yanmar engines.


2189 / 4




Basic Gearbox + Reverse Shuttle

Engine 2-050
Type 4TNV88-KLN
Rated Power (ISO) kW 35
Rated Speed (rpm) 2800
Maximum Torque (Nm) 141
Maximum Torque Speed (rpm) 1200
Water Cooling STD
Air Filter Dry
Fuel Tank Capacity 40


Basic Gearbox + Reverse Shuttle 12Fwd + 12Rev STD
Rear Mechanical Diff. Lock STD
Independent Dual Dry Clutch (inch) 9
Mechanical Engagement STD


Mechanical Operated STD
Positional, Draft, Intermix and Floating Control Functions STD
Standard Lifting Capacity (kg) 1200
Hydraulic Pump Delivery, Hydraulic Lift / Steering (ltr / min) 28/20
3-Point Linkage, CAT I STD
Auxiliary Hydraulic Valves Double Acting 2


Front Tires 4WD 260/70 R16
Rear Tires 4WD 320/70 R24
Total Length with Ballast (mm) 3225
Maximum Ground Clearance (mm) 385
Wheelbase 4WD (mm) 1760
Height at Steering Wheel (mm) 1312
Minimum Width (mm) 1385
Height to Safety Frame (mm) 2097
Weight without Ballast 4WD (kg) 1460

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