Serie 7 V-Shift

Serie 7 V-Shift

New Serie 7 V-Shift

High quality materials, high level ergonomics, attention to detail, a spacious and highly comfortable cab all combine to guarantee that the Landini Series 7 V-Shift provides ease of use, outstanding performance and productivity, extreme comfort and simplified maintenance.


6,7 / 6


190 210 225 240



FPT Engine

Series 7 in Stage V features some elements of continuity with Stage IV starting with the typical cast-iron chassis that houses the generous and fuel-efficient engine. The chassis increases the strength of the transmission, ensures a lower level of vibration, improves traction, increases manoeuvrability and eliminates the need for additional front equipment chassis. An engine brake pedal, the Engine Brake System, is available which, using the electronic motorised throttle valve of the turbocharger, allows the operator to increase the braking torque by activating the engine brake in combination with the normal tractor brakes. The Viscotronic clutch is controlled by the engine control module for precise fan speed modulation. The solution adopted guarantees better cooling performance, precise fan control, less power loss and good noise reduction.

4-stage continuously variable transmission

The 4-stage continuously variable transmission is particularly suitable for heavy-duty use, with extreme wheel traction. Features include the minimum speed of 40 m/h (maximum 50 km/h in eco mode), the wet clutch, rear final drives and a power take-off (PTO) available in 4 speeds, with adjustable automatic mode and without power restrictions.

Hydraulic circuit

The Series 7 V-Shift has a 123 l/min closed centre hydraulic circuit with a dedicated 44 l/m steering pump. A 160 l/m Ultra Flow pump is available as an optional extra. Another feature of the system is the full configurability of the electro-hydraulic control valves. The layout of the control panel has been kept very simple and streamlined, ensuring considerable ease of use. New menus have been added for an increasingly professional user experience.

Dimensions and weights


7-240 V-SHIFT
Wheelbase mm 2820 2820
Gross vehicle weight Kg 13 000 13 000
Max front and rear tires dimension - (index IR) mm Front 600/60R30 (IR 700) - Rear 710/60R42 (IR 925

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