Maschio Square Balers

Maschio Square Balers

Square Balers

Maschio Gaspardo square balers are characterized by simplicity of construction, sturdiness and reliability. Those equipment have proven their performance and durability in several countries and conditions, even with crops extremely hard to process like sugar cane residues.

Built simply and tough to enhance performance that will last.






A versatile machine, reliable and easy to use. The bale results are very consistent and easily separated into flakes to simplify the hand-feeding operations. The standard fan keeps the knotter system clean in all conditions, the gear-driver knotter quality and design will ensure easy use and cut machine downtime.

Set up & Accessories

Knotter Set - String

  • High bale densities
  • Extremely strong & durable 


Knotter Set - Loop

  • Often used in small balers
  • No residue left on the ground


Wire Knotter Set (Optional)

  • Max durability
  • 5-6 bended knot

High Productivity

Compact and regular basis

These balers ensure constant performance with bales always having the same density and size 


Great Performance, Long lasting 

All solutions were designed to give maximum reliability to ensure maintenance and longer machine life.



The adjustable pick-up collects all the product without waste. 

Extremely Adaptability

  • Twine Box
  • Pick-up system with hydraulic adjustment
  • Stabilising rear wheel
  • Powerful clean fan
  • Lightening system
  • Knotter set
  • Strong Structure 

Bale Dimensions (in) = 14x18

Pick-up width (in) = 58

Piston Stroke Count ) Stroke/minute = 93

Knotting System n.knot = 2 string knot

Max. Bale Weight lbs = 44-77

Weight lbs = 3.867

PTO Drive RPM = 540

Tractor Power HP = 45-70

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