Maschio Mulchers

Maschio Mulchers






Maschio - High quality at any stage of production 

Mulchers - Exclusive solutions to offer performance and reliability 


Profi Line Mulchers 

Brava - Unstoppable and Sturdy 

Mulchers have been develop to offer machine suitable for cutting grass and woody residues. 

Wine and fruit growers have in these machines some very useful allied to keep clean the space between the tree lines and manage pruning residues.

Install collecting rakes to reduce size of woody residues accelerating their decomposition.



Multipurpose Mulchers 

Corazza - Unstoppable and Sturdy 

Extremely versatility and undoubted reliability - suited for cutting grass or to work on fallow land with abundant shrubs and bushes. 


Straw Choppers

Tornado - Large Chamber, High Speed 

Respective cutting chambers of 760 and 850 mm height 

Perfect choice for an efficient management of crop residues after harvest.  



Offset Mulchers 

Giraffa - Can go Everywhere 

Versatile, safe and easy to use.

Giraffa has a special connection rod on the left side of the 3 point hitch and

are available with transmission gearbox in inner or outer position. 


Dimensions and Weights


Working Width - 120-145-160-175-195 cm

Total Width - 134-154-174-189-209 cm

Weight - 360-390-415-440-480 kg

Tractor power - 25-80 hp



Working Width - 155-170-190-210-230 cm

Total Width - 170-185-205-225-245 cm

Weight - 490-515-550-585-620 kg

Tractor Power - 40-80 hp



Working Width - 230-250-280-310 cm

Total Width - 250-270-300-330 cm

Weight - 920-960-1035-1125 kg

Tractor Power - 60-150 hp



Working Width - 230-250-280-310 cm

Total Width - 250-270-300-330 cm

Weight - 920-960-1035-1125 kg

Tractor Power - 60-150 hp

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