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Performance, reliability and safety

Engines, transmissions, hydraulic circuits: your tractor needs the right lubricant to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability over time. Advanced technical specifications make it possible to reduce the consequences of prolonged use, wear caused by friction of metal parts, overheating of components under stress, and the accumulation of residues that corrode or encrust gears.
This is why, in addition to raw materials consisting of state-of-the-art synthetic bases, the lubricant formula also includes additives of high technological value, which can be classified according to the specific improvement functions they perform within the lubricant: viscosity improvers, detergents, dispersants, antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and other substances necessary to ensure the perfect efficiency of the tractor.

Original lubricants

Landini original lubricants are designed to ensure a product that meets all the needs of your tractor, reducing wear and ensuring maximum performance as well as lower consumption.

Oil change

With the right oil change intervals and without mixing our original lubricants with other types of product, you will ensure a long and prosperous life for your Landini.

Landini lubricants

For each part of your tractor we have developed a suitable, state-of-the-art lubricant, which we have tested directly on Landini models to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Using state-of-the-art products allows your tractor to better withstand the stresses to which it is subjected, even when the work gets heavier. By using lubricants designed for your tractor you can achieve a number of advantages. First and foremost, you get better performance by reducing your operating costs: you save on extraordinary maintenance, with components that age more slowly and resist wear more effectively: your tractor lasts longer.

If your tractor parts are in better shape, you also get better performance and thus fuel savings. Original lubricants retain their properties for longer: the oil change interval is extended accordingly. In addition, a more efficient machine reduces emissions and helps you meet established standards for environmental protection.

Who can help you protect your tractor better than the people who built it?

We can offer you a complete line of lubricants for all your needs: engine, gearbox, transmission and differential oils; hydraulic and brake circuit fluids; greases and radiator protection fluids.

Engine lubricants

For a clean and long-lasting engine, Solea is the ideal line of lubricants that protects your tractor from wear and cleans it of deposits.
With selected mineral and/or synthetic bases and state-of-the-art additives, Solea allows you to cut operating costs by reducing fuel consumption and extending the oil change interval.

Universal and Transmission Lubricating Oils

The Vela range is specifically designed to lubricate your tractor’s transmissions, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.
Vela lubricants are also suitable for final drives, disc brakes, wet clutches and the entire hydraulic system of the tractor.


Murex is the Landini antifreeze line that maintains its high efficiency characteristics over a wide temperature range (-38° C to +120° C).
Thanks to additives against rust, oxidation, corrosion and limescale, Murex is the perfect line to protect your tractor.

Gear lubricants

Carina is the lubricant line specially designed for final drives, manual transmissions and differentials.
It helps prevent wear, pitting, corrosion, chipping, sticking and seizing. Carina is available in different viscosity grades to meet your needs for different operating temperatures.

Lubricants for hydraulic brake circuit

For the brake circuit, Landini offers Aza, the range of special synthetic fluids for high performance and safety in the brake circuit.

To find the right product for your needs, contact your Landini dealer.

Landini offers you a complete range of lubricants for every part of your tractor, for every Landini model. So you will have an efficient and high-performance tractor, to work worry-free and for longer.

Oil chooser

To make it easy to choose the Landini original lubricant with the best specifications for your tractor’s needs, we have developed the new “oil chooser” system.

Once you have logged on to the site, you can simply and intuitively select the model of your Landini and identify the appropriate product via a drop-down menu.

Click on the link and find the most suitable oil.