Landini reliability impresses client!

Situated between Schweizer Reneke and Wolmaransstad in the Northwest province of South Africa, Corleana Farming is owned by CW van Huyssteen who runs his farming operation on two legs – a cattle and a crop division.

The row crop division includes maize and soya and from time to time, depending on the season and market, he will also plant sunflower. The white maize and soya, however, are the focus. He also has a commercial Bonsmara stud.

When Pietie van der Merwe opened the Landini dealership in Schweizer Reneke as the PJ van der Merwe tractor dealership in 2008, van Huyssteen bought his first Landini tractor. Since then, the dealership, now operating as Schweizer Landini, has become a trusted business partner to van Huyssteen.

Van Huyssteen uses various Landini tractor models on his farm. The smaller models, such as the Landini 90, Landini 100 and Landini 135 with the reliable Perkins engines are used for general farm work such as loading and transporting bales, fire breaks, chemical applications, basic tilling as well as plating. The Landini 7 series, both the 160 and 210 models, are used for seed bed preparation and ripping.

“Even though these models all offer innovative technology they are still easy to use and my tactor operators have no problem using the newer models. The tractors are sturdy and since I bought my first Landini in 2008, I have not had to replace any engine or gearbox. And this is what a farmer looks for when we buy a tractor. We want to buy a quality product at an affordable price and receive good after sales service from a dealer.”

“I have always received impeccable service from Schweizer Landini. Pietie van der Merwe goes out of his way to accommodate every request. He looks after his clients, even if it is after hours or over weekends, “ Van Huyssteen adds.

When there is a breakdown, van Huyssteen points out, he never has to wait long for parts. “The longest I have ever had to wait was a couple of days, but it did not have an impact on my farming operations. To a farmer, this is very important as down time can have a huge impact on our operation.”

He says that he would recommend Landini tractors to any other farmer as well as Schweizer Landini.


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