Landini Service 2.0: the new digital tools at the service of customers

service landini strumenti digitali

In order to offer our customers faster and more timely solutions, we are introducing some new digital tools to support our dealers. The new Argo Service 2.0 website and the new web-based reporting system will be available to dealers starting in 2020.

Our goal is to exploit the resources of interconnected reality in order to identify increasingly effective answers increasingly fast.

Argo Service 2.0 is a site reserved for dealers. Once authenticated, they will be able to share large files at high speed and above all to better manage training courses. In fact, dealers will be able to view the weekly course calendars for all tractor ranges and register for training directly, as well as obtain an overview of the courses attended by each mechanic.

The new unique web-based fault reporting system is simpler than the previous reporting system by phone or email. As a matter of fact, all reports are collected in a single database resulting in faster troubleshooting. This tool will soon support activation from a mobile device and also makes it possible to process statistics and implement preventive service solutions.

To further improve service, we have introduced other important new features such as the extended warranty, which can be obtained when purchasing the tractor. To ensure that a tractor preserves its full efficiency over time, it is also possible to choose from several scheduled maintenance packages, either bundled with the extended warranty or separately. Landini’s scheduled maintenance includes several service inspections to be carried out at predefined intervals expressed in hours, either at the dealer’s or at an authorised workshop.

These are the new tools available to Landini service, to guarantee that our customers obtain excellent tractor performance, accurate service costs and times and safety thanks to the use of original spare parts fitted by qualified technical personnel.

Contact your dealer with any needs you may have: its trained personnel has the answers to your questions.

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