Landini shines at Agritechnica with sustainable tractor technology

REX4-120 GT

From 12 to 18 November, Hanover will be the European capital of agriculture, courtesy of Agritechnica, an international trade fair dedicated to agricultural mechanisation. Among the brands present will be Landini, which focuses on technical innovations as a key element of green productivity.

An opportunity for Landini to showcase the latest product innovations, all in the Blue Icon metallic blue livery and black rims, for a stylish look that is increasingly becoming the brand’s hallmark.

Landini Farm, a tool that enables smart farm management, with a focus on digitalisation of the agri-food sector, will be available on all Stage V tractors to respond to emerging trends in the sector and generate a competitive advantage in the agricultural market.

Landini brings technology and sustainability hand in hand, which is why it is continuing along the path towards electrification with the REX4 Full Hybrid concept, a tractor that was awarded the prestigious Technical Innovation Prize at Eima 2022.

From an award to a nomination: among the models on display will be the REX4-120 GT RoboShift in the Dynamic version, a finalist for the “Tractor of the Year 2024” competition in the Best Of Specialized category.


REX4-120 GT Roboshift “Dynamic”

Stage V, Deutz-AG 4-cylinder, 2.9-litre, Turbo Intercooler engines with Common Rail electronic injection, providing excellent performance in terms of power, torque reserve and fuel consumption.

The series stands out due to the high level of traction in the field and perfect comfort on the road. This has also been achieved thanks to the suspended cab and front axle configuration (the latter is also available in a platform version). The tractors in this series also feature an eye-catching and effective restyling of the bonnet, the Full-LED headlight system, the new Landini family feeling, control ergonomics and new features.

REX4-120 GT Roboshift Dynamic is equipped with 48 Forward + 16 Reverse transmission with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and fully robotised HML and driving gears, manageable in automatic and easily controlled by the ergonomic and intuitive SmartPilot Plus joystick that summarises all the controls needed to manage driving and working operations and is located on the newly designed adjustable multifunctional armrest. The right-hand console has also been redesigned, with a new streamlined look that perfectly accompanies the line of movement of the new swivelling driver’s workstation, a first in the speciality tractor category, with an oscillation of up to 16 degrees of rotation to the right – for the best ergonomics, handling and visibility for rear and mid-mount work – and 8 degrees to the left – to accompany the operator when entering and exiting the cab.

REX4-120 GT

There is also a Stop & Action function that opens the clutch by acting on the brake pedals, which enhances driving comfort.

The Dynamic version will be available with full optional equipment with an integral ADS (Advanced Driving System) with electronic steering column and sensors on the front axle that guarantee 100% control of the tractor, particularly on steep terrain, absorbing bumps and optimising work in the field and on the road, thanks to the stiffening of the steering wheel as speed increases.

It is the first speciality tractor with a cab mechanically suspended on two spring-loaded shock absorbers which, together with the front axle with adjustable hydraulic suspension, ensures a level of comfort that exceeds class standards.

There is also no lack of technological equipment and digital solutions such as Isobus, Landini Farm, Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, as well as connection to the autonomous driving system that allows, with the help of integrated sensors, automatic parallel driving between rows.


REX4 Full Hybrid

The Landini REX4 Full Hybrid is an original Landini concept with a hybrid drive unit and combines a Deutz AG Stage V endothermic engine with an electric engine. The REX4 Full Hybrid is the result of an evolutionary process towards electrification that began with the REX4 Electra – Evolving Hybrid.

The Full Hybrid system has a total power output of 80kW and is characterised by the coupling of a 2.9-litre Deutz AG TCD 55kW 4-cylinder i.c. engine with a permanent magnet electric booster. In Full Electric mode – capable of a nominal power output of 50 kW (with a peak of 65kW) – the tractor moves without the aid of the internal combustion unit, thus with zero emissions, noise and fuel consumption. There is also an additional electric motor that powers and controls the hydraulic system.

The i.c. engine complies with Stage V regulations thanks to the required aftertreatment system, which only requires DOC and DPF devices to be installed for this power range.

The REX4 Full Hybrid has an architecture with a battery that is recharged by the electric drive unit – which acts as a generator at times of low workload – or through charging stations (plug-in).

REX4 Full Hybrid

The entire system is managed by a PMS (Power Management System), which monitors the electrical devices and power flows and determines the ideal operating point. The battery has a large capacity to function as a hybrid and to provide the necessary range in Full Electric mode. The i.c. engine recharges the battery at low engine speeds by following an algorithm that balances energy contributions and implements the most convenient strategy according to usage, with the possibility of recovering energy from the tractor during deceleration and braking by using the electric motor as a recharging generator (hence further increasing system efficiency).

In the REX4 Full Hybrid, all functions of the two electric motors and control units are managed in such a way as to offer the best combination of the various tractor units. Reversing, as well as hydraulics, is handled in electric mode.


REX4 PLAT with low-profile cab

Landini REX 4-080 F, with the great innovation of the Low-Profile cab approved in category 4, offers enhanced visibility at the front and sides. The curved front windscreen ensures optimum control of entry between rows with low canopies and operations with front and mid-mount implements. This means that the driver does not have to lean out, always working safely, and benefits from good sound insulation from the outside and an optimal interior temperature thanks to the air conditioning system powered by the powerful ventilation system.

The air conditioning filters, installed at the rear of the cab, allow for quick and easy cleaning. The air conditioning control console is conveniently integrated into the roof on the driver’s left-hand side.

REX4-080 GB Low Profile Cab

Optional extras include two swivelling rear LED lights that allow operation in conditions of poor illumination and the lowered LED beacon, which allows the tractor to easily enter any place.

In addition to the cab, for all 75 hp models in the range, the platform benefits from a low-profile bonnet: the flattened lines of the back reduce its height from the ground by 55 mm compared to models with higher power ratings, making the REX 4-080 the perfect tractor for working nimbly inside greenhouses and orchards with canopies or very voluminous foliage.


Serie 5

The Landini Serie 5 is designed to meet the specific needs of every farm, focusing on comfort, versatility and performance. With performance comparable to vehicles from a higher category, the Serie 5 is suitable for open field work, such as ploughing, tillage and harrowing, but it is also agile with seeding and grass management and ideal in the shed and for road transport.

Available in three models, 5-100, 5-110 and 5-120, the series offers power outputs ranging from 95 to 114 hp thanks to the innovative generation of FPT F36 3.6-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve engines, which are Stage V homologated thanks to the DOC, DPF and SCRoF system housed entirely under the bonnet to ensure optimum visibility. The bonnet itself, made in one single piece, offers a wide opening for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The 5-120 model has a torque of 460 Nm at 1400 rpm as well as good fuel (135 litres) and AdBlue® (13 litres) tank capacity.

The transmission, with an electro-hydraulic Reverse Power Shuttle whose engagement can be modulated, is available in several versions: Speed Four 12 Forward + 12 Reverse; T-Tronic 48 Forward + 16 Reverse and three H-M-L RoboShift powershift gears. This transmission, designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in-house at the Argo Tractors factory in Fabbrico, allows a combination of 3 PowerShifts with 4 gears for each range, resulting in 12 automatically controlled robotised gears. Everything is conveniently controlled via the SmartPilot Joystick, taking advantage of the automatic shift in the desired mode (AutoField or AutoRoad).

Serie 5

Great working comfort thanks to the self-levelling suspended front axle combined with the new mechanically suspended cab, a combination that makes this series unique compared to the competition. The 4-pillar structure allows a panoramic view and inside all controls are ergonomically arranged on the new right-hand console, such as the new SmartPilot joystick, which allows the main vehicle functions (transmission, PTO, reverse shuttle, Auto Powershift, Engine Memo Switch, Rear hitch) to be managed. The ADS+ (Advanced Driving System) is introduced for the first time on this model, which allows advanced management of steering functions, such as automatic wheel realignment, or steering management over rough terrain, without continuous manual direction adjustment. Through this function the steering wheel response changes according to speed and terrain conditions.

Up to 10 LED spotlights are available to perfectly illuminate the area during night work.

The hydraulic circuit with 82 + 32 l/min triple pump allows an increased flow rate at the same engine speed compared to the tandem pump, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

ISObus sockets and satellite guidance steering systems (Precision Steering Management) are available on request to achieve maximum productivity. Also available are Landini Fleet Management digital solutions for remote control of the tractor fleet and Landini Farm, a tractor-connected farm management system to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency and profitability.

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