Landini tractors well-suited to needs of sugar cane farmers

With agricultural profit margins decreasing continuously, it is crucial that every effort is made to remain productive, profitable and sustainable. Small savings in production costs can translate into large increases in net profit.


Sugar cane farmers constantly need to look at and cultivate the latest varieties that use less water, have a higher tolerance to pests and yield a higher sucrose content to remain profitable. On the mechanisation side cane farmers also need to use the best and most cost effective tractors providing enough output for their specific farming conditions.

The Landini tractor range has been developed to comply in all the needs of farmers across the agricultural industry, but specifically also to suit and address the needs of sugar cane farmers.


Quality tractor build for the job

The latest innovations guarantee new functionality and technological avant-garde, without neglecting the aesthetic aspects of the tractors. The platform, suspended on the transmission, provides higher comfort and better thermal and vibration insulation to the operator’s work surface, significantly improving environmental conditions.

The driver’s seat and controls are completely aligned with the steering wheel, shadowed by the bodywork and adjustable fenders, so there are no exposed elements outside the tractor and this facilitates manoeuvrability. The gear and range controls, which are plugged directly into the gearbox, are ergonomically designed and particularly appreciated because they are fully protected from environment conditions.

The tractors are equipped with an air conditioning unit that ensures that they can be used in any weather condition without worry about overheating or discomfort for the driver or passengers on board.

Different configurations are available for the transmission on various models: mechanical and Hi-Lo, with the possibility of hydraulic reverse power shuttle. Available gears with mechanical shuttle 12+12 and 16+16 versions with creeper, while Hi-Lo RPS versions are 24+24 and 32+32 with creeper. The transmissions are characterised by versatility and flexibility in the range from 1.4 to 38.9 km/h, adapting to a multitude of specialised operations and in particular, the creeper option allows very low speeds, up to 310 metres per hour, to increase the versatility of work in the field.

The prevailing power needed in sugarcane production range from 40kW- 82 kW (60 to 110 hp) or between 80kW to 110kW tractors. The Perkins 1104D 4-cylinder Tier 3compliant engine in most of the Landini tractors provides adequate power and feature a turbo after-cooler on models 100-110-120.


The Landini Landpower 165 model  is ideally suited to the conditions on sugar cane farms. It offers a powerful 6 cylinder engine with excellent performance in any tough terrain.  The Landpower 165 4wd tractor belongs to the biggest machine segment in the 4wd tractor category and provides 116 kW. The Landini Landpower 165 can reach speeds up to 41,5 km/h and the fuel tank capacity is 260 litres. It has an electro hydraulic clutch and the four wheel drive front rigid axel comes standard with a 4wd front brakes with a steering angle of 55 ˚.  It has a closed circuit hydraulic system that delivers 110 lpm and a lifting capacity of 8 400 kg.

This model provides adequate power to pull the common size trailer either used for cane road or infield transport or to pull planters in the most challenging planting conditions. It is suitable for operations in all soil types and can also be used in no-till operations, even with large amounts of crop residue.  This model makes no work of pulling a tractor operated stubble shaver.


Maintenance can prevent break downs and save money

Because modern tractors are complex, their technological sophistication can lead to electrical failures, and consequent breakdowns.

According to research, the five main causes of tractor breakdowns are the electrics, engine, external hydraulics, transmission, and operator environment. EPG Global, a London-based company that provides extended warranties and other insurance backed products to manufacturers and dealers of agricultural machinery and equipment, analysed its extensive claims data of over 19 000 tractor repairs for the five years from 2016 to 2020 to compile its report.

The maintenance plan offered to customers plays an important part in ensuring that the tractors remain on farm and productive. Regular servicing will help farmers to spot potential problems well in advance.  For example, failing to replace oil and filters can have a knock-on effect on other systems of the tractor.


Landini is one of the best-known and most respected brands in agricultural mechanisation globally. Compared to other tractors on the market, Landini tractors are competitively priced and with solid roots in the specialist vineyard, orchard, vegetable as well as row crops sectors including sugar cane, Landini is the ideal partner for all agricultural industries in South Africa.

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