Leading Agricultural Tractor – Promotion April 2022

The TOUGHEST performer for your field!

Landini Solis tractors can mark excellence on every terrain.

All prices exclude vat – until end April 2022 or while stock last

Landini Solis 20
R 152 350.00
Landini Solis 45-2WD
R 198 550.00
Landini Solis 45-4WD WITHOUT ROP’S
R 242 000.00
Landini Solis 45-4WD WITH ROP’S
R 249 065.00
Landini Solis 75-4WD (8×2)
R 282 000.00
Landini Solis 55-2WD
R 223 995.00
Landini Solis 90-4WD PLAT
R 330 000.00
Landini Solis 90-4WD PLAT – (13.6R38)
R 370 000.00
Landini Solis 60N-2WD
R 316 645.00
Landini Solis 75N-2WD
R338 400.00
Landini Solis 90N-4WD CAB
R496 800.00
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