What our clients say – Mr Trevor Loxton

More than 5 decades of Landini service on this farm


Trevor Loxton is the owner of the farm, Enkele Duin, situated along the banks of the Orange River about 7 km from Keimoes on the way to Kakamas in the Northern Cape.  The national road, the R27 cuts right through his farm so there is now way that you can get lost, he says.

Loxton farms with grapes processed for raisons, wine grapes, maize and lucerne, but the main focus is on raisons.

The oldest Landini tractor on Enkele Duin was manufactured in 1968 when Loxton was only two years old. “My father only bought Landini tractors and this Landini 5000 was one of the first tractors on the farm. Landini tractors are true stalwarts and there is no end to them. This 55 year old tractor is still used for light work on the farm,” Loxton explains.

As his father, Loxton also prefers Landini tractors. “Landini has a wide range of tractors suited to every purpose on the farm. Landini tractors are affordable, reliable, economical and can compete with any of the other brands on the market.”

Most of the activities on Enkele Duin centres around vineyards, but Loxton also uses his tractors to work his crop fields, spraying, making bales, transporting grapes to the cellar in Keimoes, and general labour activities on the farm.

Oranje Meganisasie in Kakamas is the closest dealership and Loxton does not shy away from recommending them to other farmers.  “I will recommend them any time. The service I receive is commendable. If I need anything they immediately help and if any of my tractors needs repairs they will keep me updated on the process and do their utmost best to obtain the parts as soon as possible.”


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