world preview at EIMA for the new Rex 4 Series

Landini: world preview at EIMA 2016 for “REX”, undisputed king of the specialist range

For Landini, the long-awaited Eima 2016 trade fair is the perfect venue to launch the new REX 4, which is recognised as the benchmark range for specialized farming sector.

New styling, new components and new features make the new “REX 4” series a much wider choice of models for all specialist tasks. As well as the four versions for vineyards and orchards, F, GT, GE, V, there are numerous variants and options allowing customers to optimize their choice to suit their requirements and ensure low cost of ownership during its working life. Three cabbed models in the F, GT and V versions will be on show at Eima 2016 in the Orchard, Wide and Vineyard versions, respectively. With the exception of the GE (low) version (footstep only), all the others will be available with a modern and functional air conditioned cab, in which operators can work in safety and comfort. The innovations incorporated into the REX 4 Series start with the engine, a performance-oriented, reliable 4-cylinder 2.9-liter Deutz Tier 4 Interim (TCD L4) equipped with DOC. An Engine Memo Switch can memorize the engine speed for operator convenience. Maximum power is developed at 2200 rpm and ranges from 70 HP to 111 HP with up to 6 models per version. Argo Tractors produce the new transmission, with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle, 4 speed gears and 3 ranges to which two options can be added: Hi-Lo and High-Medium-Low, and finally creeper. Models can be 2 or 4 wheel drive. The new REX 4 Series offers a wide choice of power take-offs either mechanical or hydraulic versions, depending on the transmission, and with two or four speed (540, 540 Eco, 1000 and 1000 Eco). Another key feature of REX 4 is the hydraulic system, where the versatility of the new Rex is highlighted by a 55 + 30 l/min double pump (60 + 30 l/min in the GT version) or a 25 + 55 + 30 l/min triple pump for cabbed versions. The hydraulic circuit is completed by neatly positioned control valves that maximise space and vision, a flow selector and flow divider are optional. Either mechanical and/or electro-hydraulic control valves are available. The tractors stylish new look and entirely redesigned cab provide the operator with a new working environment, offering improved vision, more functionality and more precise controls that make front or rear implement operation easier and quicker and, true to form, extremely high-levels of finish ensure the utmost in comfort. When used for spraying operations, the cab is also available with Protection class 4, guaranteeing total protection for the operator in a pressurized environment monitored by sensors. Easy to handle as always, the new REX 4 series maintains its previous characteristics, compact dimensions and a 55° steering angle for minimising turning circles. The Vineyard version has additional models and options, including a dedicated High Pivot axle with increased swing to facilitate steering and undulating ground. The innovations also involve the front axle of the F and GT versions, which, besides the rigid version with electrohydraulic diff lock and 4WD engagement, is now offered with central suspension system for the very first time. 24”, 28” rear tyres and 30” for the GT version confirm the versatility and capability of the wide Orchard and compact Open Field models.

Launched in February 2016, the Landini 2 Series is on show at EIMA in the cabbed version. This cab offers a stylish design and controls in the right place. Modern, agile and compact, the range includes three models 2-045, 2-050, 2-060 STD or GE with 44 HP to 55 HP Yanmar engines. It is also available in the “GE” (footstep only) version with carefully re-designed rear final drives and platform which lowers the machine by 95 mm over than the Standard version. The result is optimum performance where height and width constraints exist, such as awning vineyards or greenhouses. Dimensions become extremely compact with 24” rear tyres: 1,420 mm minimum width and just 1,230 mm height to steering wheel. 20” rear tyres will also be available as an option.

The Landini 4D Series, an efficient, sturdy range that will improve the performance already appreciated by Technofarm users. This 2WD and 4WD tractor range initially comprises of a footstep versions with a cabbed option soon to be available. The 4-075D uses a Perkins Tier 3 (4-075D) engine, but Deutz Tier 4 Final engines are employed in the 4-060D, 4-070D and 4-080D models.

Made in Italy by Argo Tractors, the transmission is the mechanical type with 4 speed gears and 3 ranges (an optional 300 m/h creeper is also available). It is equipped with electrohydraulically engaged 4WD (in the 4WD versions), 1 or 2-speed synchronized PTO, open-centre hydraulic circuit with 45 l/min pump flow supplies the power lift and control valves. A 3400 kg lifting capacity and one remote control valve are standard with the option of an additional valve. To speed up and facilitate the lifting/lowering operations, the power lift can be controlled by the Ergonomic Lift System (ELS) on request. Medium-duty utility tractor par excellence, the 85 to 102 HP Landini 5D Series now features a 12+12 transmission with electrohydraulic reverse shuttle and hydraulic PTO all developed and produced in house by Argo Tractors. In this version, the 5D Series is an optimum entry-level model, sturdy, reliable and ideal for work with a front loader. 

Landini's range of front loaders is available for each product family along with a wide variety of accessories including buckets for different materials, round bale handling, pallet tines and manure forks.

A development of the Landpower range, the Landini 6L Series makes its debut in a version with the comfortable sprung axle and an upgraded transmission featuring the renewed High-Medium-Low system for shifting on-load.

The Landini 7 Series is on show in the “Active” version, designed to combine simplicity and functionality with the high quality and comfort standards featured by the 7 Series. Available for all four models, from 160 to 215 HP, the new set-up focuses on the practical and user-friendly aspects of the tractors. The standard features of the 7 Series “Active” tractor include the basic 88 l/min open-center hydraulic circuit (the optional 123 l/min Closed-Centre Load Sensing circuit is also available), two basic mechanical control valves and up to four optional valves as well as two mid-mounted valves, the 6300 kg capacity rear power lift (larger assistor rams are also available to boost the capacity to 9300 kg), air conditioned cab and seat with air suspension. Cab and sprung axle are naturally available as options.

«Landini International» is the corner where the Fabbrico brand presents the Landforce, Multifarm and the new arrival, Super Series. This latter family incorporates the models of the Globalfarm and 60 Series, the purpose being to bring these products, which have long been appreciated in the non-EU markets, up to European standards as to style. 100% Made in Italy, the new Super Series combines power, reliability, versatility and provides a high performance in many different cultivation jobs besides sporting an aggressive look, true to the modern Landini family feeling. Ten models equipped with 4.4-litre Tier 0, Tier 2 and Tier 3 emission Perkins engines with 75 HP to 106 HP power ratings, 12+4, 12+12 or 16+16 transmissions (the latter with creeper) and synchronized PTO. The lifting capacity can be up to 4,500 kg and up to two mechanically controlled remote valves can be installed.

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