Landini Rex – Exceptional Pricing for Premium Value

Landini Rex

Handling, versatility and ease of use

Orchards: The REX3 F-GE was created for specialised crops starting from orchards, where it moves with agility among the rows with a span of 2.2 to 2.5 metres.
Vineyards: The Rex3 F-GE is suited for all operations in traditional vineyards, and the Low-Profile cab version can even be used in vineyards with pergola and trellis systems.
Vegetables: Handling is one of the main features of the Rex3 F-GE, adapting to all specialised crops where manoeuvrability is limited. At the same time, the Low-Profile cab version can also be used in greenhouses.
Farms: The Rex3 F-GE is an extremely reliable and versatile tractor that is also suited for everyday farm applications with power demands from 55 to 75 hp and for road travel, where it offers excellent driving comfort.


Landini Rex DT 80 Plat – R 490 000.00

Landini Rex DT 90 CAB – R 570 000.00


All prices exclude Vat

Nov 2022 or while stock last

No Trade-Ins


  • 50% Deposit
  • Annual Payments
  • Normal finance application required with Standard Bank
  • Standard payment terms


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