Landini, all-round innovation at Sima 2015

Landini will be on show at Sima 2015 with innovations for the entire range, from specialized to high-power tractors, the line demonstrates Argo Tractors continuous development programme to provide the best products for customers in all types of agriculture, municipalities and amenity sectors. Renowned for producing specialized tractors, the Landini REX Series will be revealed with new design features that maximise comfort to meet the needs of operators spending long hours behind the wheel. Cab restyling for the new REX series sees the functional use of colour that creates a relaxing environment while allowing the main controls to be easily recognized. The new bonnets use polymeric materials for superior strength and are resistant to the traditional elements encountered in daily operation. The styling also blends with Landini’s latest machines. The core parts of the tractor remain unchanged. The “F”, “GE” and “GT” versions feature 3- or 4-cylinder Perkins engines with maximum power ratings ranging from 68 HP in the “REX 70” version to 110 HP for top-of-the-range “REX 120”. Two transmissions are available, with a basic version 3 ranges and 5 gears providing 15 + 15 speed ratios. The optional “PowerFive” transmission is built on the same architecture with the addition of an electro-hydraulic HI-LO that doubles the speeds available to 30+30.  De-Clutch button on “Power Reverse” transmission eases gear shifting. A creeper, which provides up to 40 + 40 speed ratios by operating only on the two low ranges, is also available. Guaranteed efficiency thanks to the split hydraulic circuit with 100 l/min flow rate in the triple pump configuration, which supplies up to 6 control valves and the rear power lift with 2,600 kg maximum lifting capacity (3,250 kg for the GT version).

Landini’s 4 Series has an expanded range thanks to 3 mid power models: 4-060, 4-070 and 4-080 having respectively 64, 69 and 76 hp maximum power. These models are more compact than the 3 higher-power models (4-090, 4-100 and 4-105). Available with 12 + 12 transmission, mechanical shuttle or electrohydraulic power shuttle with modulation control added to which can be a 16+16 creeper. To suit each market it comes in both platform and cab versions, these models epitomize Landini’s utility tractor philosophy and are ideal for all types of farming, from hay-making to front loader tasks. In addition, they can also be used in orchards and vineyards since their overall width can be reduced to 1.73 m using 12.4R36 rear tyres. The compact range features Deutz Tier 4 Final engines with DOC oxidation catalyst, which do not require a DPF filter and subsequent regeneration cycles at high temperature. The tractors are complete with a servo-assisted mechanical or electro-hydraulically engaged PTO, a 49 l/min + 28 l/min steering circuit, two remote valves plus a third rear and two mid-mounted valves may be fitted. A mechanically controlled rear linkage provides 2,700 kg lift capacity which can be increased to 3,400 kg with an additional cylinder. Argo Tractor’s own front axle features a limited slip system for optimum traction and electro-hydraulic 4WD engagement for easy operation. Landini’s 4 Series also includes model 4-075 Tier 3 featuring a Perkins Tier 3 engine also available in 2015 for the European market: an ideal solution when an ultra-versatile entry-level tractor is required.

The 5H Series is another important innovation presented at Sima. To underscore the brand’s Family Feeling, this series will be on show with the new cab, designed to provide superior comfort and visibility. Developed and manufactured in Argo Tractors’ Italian factories, the new cab features a flat platform and 4-pillar structure. Inside, the cab is complete with every comfort and there’s great attention to detail, from the tilt/telescopic steering column that integrates the instrument panel and the ergonomic controls, through to the air conditioning system with filters installed in the rear pillars, giving the roof a “slim” line and reducing the height of the machine as well as making the filters easier to service. Not only a new cab, this series also features further product enhancements, such as hydraulic output with increased flow rate (63 l/min + 30 l/min) and a larger fuel tank holding 120 liters. These important upgrades have also involved the transmissions with electro-hydraulic and modulation control: as well as the 36+12 version with 3 Powershift speed gears and 40 kph top speed at low engine speed. A basic 12+12 transmission, again with 40 kph top speed and electro-hydraulic shuttle is available. The 5H Series comprises four models from 88.5 to 113 HP with Dual Power on the first three models for additional performance. Developed as the successor of the Powermondial series, Landini’s new 6C Series is on show at Sima with an absolute preview: the new 6-140C model. featuring 4.5-liter FPT NEF (Tier 4 Interim) engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction system, 130 HP unboosted and 140 HP in Dual Power. The 6C Series has a 4-pillar cab with a new design concept that combines modern styling with a unique level of comfort comparable to that provided by the automotive and trucking sector. It can also be specified with a two-point mechanical suspension for additional operator comfort. To further enhance operator comfort an independent front axle suspension (with or without brakes) may be fitted as an alternative to the rigid axle, this allows higher speeds on rough ground, increased draft and performance as well as stability and safety. Standard equipment includes the T-Tronic 36+12 transmission (3 Powershift speed gears), 5400 kg capacity electronically controlled rear lift and a hydraulic circuit with 66 l/min flow in the standard version and 110 l/min in the “Load Sensing” (LS) closed-center version for those applications demanding more speed. A front linkage (2,500 kg capacity) and PTO are also available offering greater flexibility of the tractor. The spotlight at Sima will be on the sturdy and modern 6L Series, the development of Landpower launched on the European market in three models, 6-145L, 6-160L and 6-175L, with 143, 163 and 176 HP power ratings, respectively. Equipped with Tier 4 interim 4.5-liter, 16-valve engines with SCR emission system, the range is ideal for open-field work, including the heaviest duty jobs. Powerful and modern, the 6L Series reflects the stylish Family Feeling of Landini’s new generation tractors and features an enhanced cab interior in new colours. Hinged at the rear, the bonnet provides unrestricted access to the engine compartment. Swing-up coolers make cleaning and maintenance both easier and quicker. Optimized fuel consumption and a generously sized 270 l tank (38 l for the AdBlue reservoir) guarantee excellent autonomy. The 6L Series comes with either mechanical shuttle (18 x 18) or hydraulic shuttle and 3 speed powershift (54 x 18). An optional creeper, with 410 m/h minimum speed, is also available. The hydraulic circuit provides 87 l/min flow rate for utilities plus 38 l/min dedicated to the steering system. Up to 5 control valves are available for the hydraulic users, while the synchronized PTO is electro-hydraulically engaged (standard equipment). The new range always features an electronically controlled rear power lift with 8,400 kg maximum capacity, while the optional front power lift and PTO lifts 3,500 kg.

Several innovations to the 7 Series are also being presented at Sima. They all concern the new 2015 Year Model, which features ergonomic and styling enhancements that raise the level of comfort and improve performance. Lounge-Cab soundproofing has undergone overall improvement since in-cab noise has been reduced to 70 dB, while new interior finishes increase the level of comfort and ergonomics (additional interior mirror and extra 12-Volt sockets). Now available, the ISOBUS system in conjunction with a streamlined latest generation 12” DSM touchscreen monitor allows operators to control the Isobus functions and tractor configuration parameters in a simple, user-friendly way. On top of this, Landini’s entire 7 series range now offers various precision farming options compatible with correction systems like EGNOS, Omnistar or the more performance-oriented and accurate RTK technology.

Lastly, for the non-UE markets, Landini is presenting Landforce 115 and Landforce 125 with 112 and 120 HP power ratings, respectively and an efficient 110 l/min closed-centre hydraulic circuit. Available with a safety frame (a cab version is also planned), the drivers area has a sprung seat, hydraulic steering, ergonomic controls and provides an excellent level of comfort for its class.

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