Landini competing on equal foot with the addition of new series – Nampo 2023

Landini tractors have always been known and loved for their reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Over the past couple of years, the tractor models have continuously been updated with the latest technologies, not only with a view to smart farming but also keeping the safety and comfort of the operator in mind. In addition, the competent dealer assistance and service render Landini tractors the answer to most farmer requirements on the farm.

Landini dealers and customers have, however, over the years requested a tractor with more power to deal with all the latest smart-farming equipment and implements.

Landini complied and this year at Nampo, the all-new Landini 7-160  with a 108  kw engine and  Robo6 transmission, was on exhibition for inspection.

But that is not the biggest news. The Italian tractor manufacturer also, for the first time, showed its first 300 hp tractor – the Landini 8-310 VS. The Landini 8-310 VS  is the biggest tractor ever launched in the Landini brand.

In the field, this new series tractor exceeds 300 horsepower and is destined for the most demanding work on the farm. The size, power, design, and comfort of this new flagship model in the Landini range are now competing on the same level as competitors and can be used for comfort and power and are ideal for ripping, tilling, ploughing, and powering heavy implements and equipment. It is sure to put Landini on the radar of many current and new farmer clients.

The Landini  8-310 VS  is powered by a 6,7 l six-cylinder Common Rail  FPT engine. It is also equipped with an electronically controlled turbocharger eVGT and an air-to-air intercooler. The V-Shift CVT transmission in the Landini 8, also reaches 40 km/hr at a quiet running 1300 rpm.

With a curb weight of around 11 t, the wheelbase was increased to 3 m, while the hydraulic system supplies  212 l/min and a rear lift capacity of 12 t.

The Landini  8-310 VS  also comes with a multi-disk wet clutch, VT drive continuous variable transmission, and reverse power shuttle. The continuously variable transmission (VT-Drive) ensures linear and constant progression, without having to use the gears, as the selection is automatic. The use of the VT-Drive is immediate: the parking brake only needs to be released and the operator can then choose the direction with the shuttle and accelerate.

The four-pillar cab boasts a semi-active mechanical or hydraulic suspension, and the air-suspended operator’s seat provides automatic height adjustment and a backrest with heating and ventilation. The main controls and multifunction joystick are located on the right armrest. The 8 Series can also be equipped with Landini’s fleet management and remote diagnostics system.

The Isobus system on the Landini  8-310 VS  allows direct dialogue with the equipment. All the implements can be controlled via Isobus from the comfort of the operator’s seat. The exchange of information offers fundamental support for all operations and by integrating it with precision satellite steering systems, treated surfaces can be viewed directly on the monitor. This Isobus system allows farmers to fuel and use inputs more effectively. It increases the efficiency of the entire production process which translates into cost savings.

Farmers also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding maintenance and talk about Landini’s Lubricants that guarantee performance, reliability and safety. Original Landini lubricants are designed to guarantee a product that will satisfy all your tractor’s requirements; reducing wear and ensure maximum performance with reduced consumption.

Argo South Africa’s Managing Director, Godfried Heydenrych, said that Nampo offered them the ideal opportunity to increase their visibility in the highly competitive machinery sector. “This year we were in the position to launch four new models at Nampo. But the most important for us is that we had the opportunity to personally interact with our clients. With visitors attending from the outskirts of the country as well as neighbouring countries, our highly-qualified technical team was able to discuss the latest features of tractor models and Maschio and Morra implements,” Heydenrych said after the show concluded.


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